Despite scoring twice, Casemiro still caused difficulty for Manchester United due to his poor defensive play

In Man Utd’s 3-4 loss to Bayern Munich, the Brazilian midfielder scored twice, but it wasn’t enough to make up for his flaws.

In the first game of the group stage of the Champions League for this season, Man Utd recently traveled to the stadium of Bayern Munich.

The Red Devils played far worse than Bayern Munich.

According to statistics, Bayern fired 19 shots, nine of which found their target. They also had a 60% ball control rate. Man United had only 9 shots overall and 4 of those were on goal.

The final result was 4-3 in favor of Bayern, however, Man Utd only lost by a slim margin.

Casemiro shocked everyone by tallying a double there.

With the support of the Brazilian midfielder, Man Utd was able to leave with a decent outcome. Casemiro did not necessarily give his finest performance, though.

This season, Casemiro’s play has been quite poor. Casemiro’s biggest suit, defending the defense, proved ineffective against Bayern.

In fact, the former Real Madrid player lost 7 times, barely won 4 out of 10 duels, and was dribbled past 5 times. Jamal Musiala overtaking Casemiro was frequently seen in this game.

Christian Eriksen’s aging prevents him from providing Casemiro with the best care possible. It is evident that Casemiro needs someone to spread the fire immediately.

If this situation continues, Casemiro can become exhausted when Man Utd is forced to compete in several leagues.