Did Man City know how to use Haaland yet?

Haaland chơi không tốt trong trận chính thức đầu tiên cho Man City tại Siêu cúp Anh. Thế nhưng, sự kém cỏi đó chỉ đến từ tiền đạo người Na Uy?

Haaland missed two delicious opportunities in the English Super Cup match against Liverpool. Normally at Dortmund, the Norwegian super striker never finishes in such a bad way. The pressure at Man City is great and currently, Haaland has not overcome.


If talking about the concept of a super striker, Haaland’s case is now quite similar to the legendary Milan senior Shevchenko (then moved to Chelsea). In 2006, when Sheva arrived at Stamford Bridge (at the discretion of owner Abramovich), many questions were raised, how can the Ukrainian striker go hand in hand with Drogba in attack?

In the end, in a season where Drogba scored 20 goals as a centre-forward, Shevchenko seemed stuck on the right flank, suffering from fitness problems and scoring just nine goals in two seasons, before being “returned to the right place”. production” in Milan on loan.


So, is Haaland similar to Shevchenko? This is a difficult question to answer, but in the short term, their initial symptoms are the same: out of rhythm, fitness issues, and a lack of monumental images from the previous team. after relocating to the United Kingdom

The start of the season at Leicester’s pitch was similar to a pre-season friendly, except it brought an official title. Liverpool raised the Community Shield silver plate in front of three-quarters of the empty King Power Stadium. Liverpool may defeat Manchester City, but Nunez’s wild celebrations will be a thing of the past. Pep tried Haaland for the first time and failed; he will try again this weekend in the Premier League.


If Liverpool’s win is quickly forgotten, City’s defeat could be repeated if Haaland is careless this season and the Citizens fall out of contention for the title. Man City is still playing the same way, controlling everything, but without Haaland. The entire team played in unison, and Haaland didn’t miss a beat.

Pep brought the 22-year-old striker to the Etihad to win the Champions League, but he later stated that the Premier League was still his top priority. In a long race, Haaland must somehow transform into Jesus, Sterling, Foden, or Mahrez – players who have absorbed Pep’s guidance. The former Dortmund star is big, strong, and has good pressure, but he’s not sharp in this style of play, and he’s strangely cramped.

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