Dιggιпg Blackpink’s ‘Teen Code’ Photos: Do They Restore Through Plαstιc Sᴜrgҽrγ?

The online world has been abuzz in recent days with the habit of sharing old images. With the lines of “teen code,” family members compete to show off moments from ten years ago. Everyone has changed in the last ten years.

BLACKPINK’s fan community has latched on to the idea, “digging” and sharing the four members’ pre-debut photographs widely. Despite the poor quality of the photographs, the Blackpink’s members’ attractiveness is vividly shown, allowing us to determine whether they were gorgeous as children or have been “cutlery.”


Jisoo, the second most beautiful goddess of Kpop’s third generation, has been stunning since her debut, as promised.

With her charming, clear attractiveness and enviable high nose bridge, she earned a “rain” of complements.

Everyone has to accept that Jisoo is the “card photo queen” after seeing these unedited photos.


Her visuals become more sophisticated and charming every time.


Jennie’s fat face used to make her “want to faint” when she was younger.

Jennie’s lines are still cute in her teens, but they’ve become sharper over time.

Jennie had a certain charisma and appeal before she made her debut.

Jennie is today’s leading style symbol in Kpop, with a charming and sultry beauty that is difficult to resist.


Rosé has always been known for her feminine beauty, but she also has a strong personality. Rosé’s stunning beauty shines through even in blurry photographs.

This rosé from ten years ago was “playful.”

BLACKPINK’s primary vocalist, who is already stunning, is rapidly shifting her focus from appearance to style. The female star was previously accused of having “cutlery” because of her sparkling single-lidded eyes, yet followers said…

Due to inherent beauty and the process of make-up, eyelid enlargement with ordinary eyelid stickers, the “Australian rose” has the right appearance today. Because of her flawless appearance, she has been an inspiration for numerous businesses and big publications.


Lisa has been dubbed a living doll because of her piercing attractiveness, huge wide eyes and thick lips since she was a toddler.

Lisa used to get a lot of questions about “cutlery,” but vintage images showed that the female idol’s beauty is natural.

Her beauty grows with age, morphing into a variety of styles ranging from femininity and sensitivity to luxury and personality.

The mischievous tomboy girl is growing increasingly appealing as she undergoes a beguiling makeover. Lisa, like Rosé, conceals her flaws with make-up, and her chubby nose is slimmed down with contour.