Discover Jungkook BTS’s lifestyle while living alone

The members of the group talked fondly about their old dorms and exchanged humorous tales about this time during their annual FESTA get-together. It was challenging, according to leader RM, for 7 boys to share a small dormitory.

“When visiting each member’s house. I realized how completely different people live together. All of our decorating preferences and habits are very different,” – RM shared.

Jimin added, “All 7 of us are very different, the members disagree with each other on more than the same opinion.”

BTS specifically геvеаled Jungkook’s “unique” way of life after moving out. The male rapper Suga said, “His lifestyle is great.”

Following that, the senior Jin gave ARMY a scoop of information.

“I went to Jungkook’s place and saw there were 3 mattresses in the living room. Then I went to the bedroom and saw 2 more mattresses. Seeing that, I asked, ‘So which room do you sleep in. Finally, I received The answer is: I leave that mattress there so I can sleep whenever I feel like “- Jin said.

Yet the BTS leader геvеаled that he had observed 20 aroma diffusers at Jungkook’s home.


BTS discloses the personal information of each member

FESTA is a yearly series of activities held to commemorate the arrival of the boy band BTS.

Due to the numerous extremely important events that take place during FESTA, it can be argued that this is the most significant day of the year for the ARMY and the group as a whole because it brings about a great deal of emotions and interesting information.

Below, you can see the interesting and hilarious things that BTS members shared during FESTA 2021.

Member V first admitted that he wears his bracelets at all times, no matter what.

Next, the eldest Jin shared that when he was too lazy to wash his face, he simply put his head under the faucet.

Meanwhile, the leader of BTS геvеаled his recent “haunted” dish is jjimdak (Korean braised chicken). RM says this isn’t the best for a diet but it’s delicious!

Male rapper J-Hope shared two facts about himself. Because he likes to be organized, he always cleans up his hair on the floor after every shower.

The youngest Jungkook also updated about his studio and shared that he booked a brand new table.

Finally, Jimin’s ᵴеcгет is a little bit different. He said he waited just to scratch his head from the itch!