Discover the way Jin retaliates against comedian who mocked BTS in the past

Jin just released “The Astronaut” and performed live to support the song. Jin selected an interview with broadcaster Park Myung Soo from the YouTube channel Hal Myung Soo as one of the programs.

The comedy of Jin and Park Myung Soo allowed ARMYs to enjoy some of the show’s most fascinating moments. However, Jin frequently tells a tale that has left many ARMYs feeling both highly startled and pleased by Jin’s management.

Generally speaking, BTS has dealt with this circumstance before:

A recent episode of the show Hal Myung Soo featuring Jin was shown. Many people were startled by Jin’s debut on the program, and even though there is a significant generational gap between the two of them, their comic personalities are what had ARMYs wondering why Jin selected this show.

Jin said that he ᴡanted to promote his brand-new song on his program because he ᴡanted to meet Park Myung Soo in person. The two were quite intriguing to talk to right away, especially regarding their initial encounter in 2014.

In particular, Jin and BTS once met comedian Park Myung Soo in the sauna around 8 years ago, before to their formal encounter with him in “Hal Myung Soo.” BTS were still fairly inexperienced musicians back then, thus they were obviously not as popular or successful as they are now.

Eight years later, Jin on Park Myung Soo’s program started to recall how the comedian made fun of them when they were only boys and refused to let them snap photographs. Jin attacked Park Myung Soo in a humorous way, “Oh we met in the bathroom! And you said to leave quickly instead of just giving us a photo”.

Park Myung Soo is now perplexed as a result of his prior deeds. He recounted the story with shyness, “In the past 7 celebrities greeted me like, We are BTS, in the bathroom and asked me if they could take a photo with me”.

Then Jin helps him finish the story: “He just said, ya, just move out of the way”. Park Myung Soo was now a little embarrassed by the situation. He mentioned that he felt horrible for treating BTS poorly since he was unaware of their immense popularity.

Park Myung Soo also acknowledged his genuine speechlessness and deep sadness. Although Jin didn’t hold back when recounting the rejection they had, he was observed at the beginning of the interview playfully and skillfully discussing this subject in a pleasant attitude. It demonstrates that Jin doesn’t appear to ϲare about Park Myung Soo’s prior negligence.

The way Park Myung Soo treated BTS and Jin in the past, when they were not well-known, also irritated the ARMY quite a bit. But when Jin reconnected with Park Myung Soo in person and generously shared this tale, ARMY was also filled with pride and joy.

With their amazing accomplishments, Jin and BTS are now the mainstay musicians of the Korean entertainment sector. He meets the person who once thought they were boys and now that person regrets his bad actions earlier. It was a “sweet rеvenge”.

It is comparable to the tale of Jungkook, who was formerly detested by Jo Seho, but upon their reunion, Jo Seho was forced to feel guilty for not having regard for Jungkook. similar to how RM called out Jimmy Fallon’s inappropriate conduct when discussing the ARMY Overall, BTS has made people who formerly looked Ԁown on them humiliated in front of them by using their success as the cornerstone of their confidence.