DJ Khaled Unveils Astonishing $65M Aircraft Resembling Billionaire Bill Gates’ Impressive Fleet

Presenting a $65 million aircraft that bears a striking resemblance to the multibillionaire Elon Musk’s, DJ Khaled, a heavyweight in the music industry, embodies the definition of luxury with his Gulfstream G650 jet.


Khaled’s unwavering love for opulence is palpable, evident in the remarkable resemblance between his G650 and Elon Musk’s $70 million Gulfstream G650ER. From his affinity for fine jewelry to his preference for upscale possessions, owning this soaring symbol of wealth further accentuates his affluent lifestyle.


Regularly showcasing his lavish way of living on social media, Khaled takes customizability to new heights. With a unique touch, he features a custom blue carpet adorned with the words “We The Best,” a nod to his CEO position at the eponymous company. This personalized detail epitomizes his penchant for extravagance and self-expression.


Khaled’s opulence extends beyond the skies to the realm of automobiles. Owning the exquisite Maybach 62 Landaulet, which exudes the spirit of classic design, serves as another testament to his admiration for timeless luxury.


Produced in 2008, this distinguished car offers an unparalleled experience. Its powerful V12 Twin-Turbocharged engine generates 612 horsepower, while the retractable soft top provides panoramic sky views. The independent front seats ensure privacy and seclusion in the back, adding to the allure of this extraordinary vehicle.

From the Maybach Landaulet to the G650 jet, Khaled’s lifestyle choices epitomize his pursuit of ultimate comfort and style. These ostentatious acquisitions not only showcase his remarkable success but also solidify his position as a tastemaker and discerning consumer of luxury in the music industry and beyond.