Do BLACKPINK members really get on well with each other as we think?

How much do BLACKPINK members love each other?

BLACKPINK is known as one of the top groups in Asia. Therefore, every action, even the smallest of the girls, is noticed and scrutinized by everyone. However, with the close sisterhood between them, BLACKPINK always unites and overcomes the media storms. Many details have proved that the girls always live and treat each other like a family.


Lots of details proving that the girls always pay special attention to each other. (Photo: Pinterest)

As the first member to set foot in France, Jennie was extremely excited and excited to experience it. At the same time, the female idol did not forget to buy gifts to share this joy with the rest of the members. Even, Jennie meticulously chose the gifts according to the favorite colors of the rest of the members. Through it, it can be seen that Jennie cares and loves BLACKPINK very much.


Jennie carefully chose the gifts according to the other members’ favorite colors. (Photo: YouTube N2T KPOP)

Similar to Jennie, Lisa once bought a model for herself, she still didn’t forget the rest of the members. She even took the extra time to go around the store carefully selecting models with characters that everyone loved. If she didn’t really love the sisters in the group,  Lisa wouldn’t  choose gifts for everyone so carefully.


The team members are happy to share the gift given by Lisa. (Photo: YouTube N2T KPOP)

Not only Lisa and Jennie, Rosé – Jisoo also did not forget the other 2 members every time they went shopping together. When seeing matching shirts, Jisoo and Rosé immediately thought of the sisters at home. Rosé also carefully advised Jisoo, so a small shirt size would be more suitable for Lisa and Jennie to match with jeans. The girls always remember and pay attention to the small details related to each other.


Rosé even told Jisoo to choose a smaller shirt size to fit everyone. (Photo: YouTube N2T KPOP)

Not only that, but Jisoo and Jennie once made beautiful rings for their sisters. Once, even though Lisa and Rosé were not present, when drawing a picture of a family, Jennie still told Jisoo to draw two younger sisters in the picture.


All 4 members always remember each other at all times. (Photo: YouTube N2T KPOP)

During the launch of a new product with Gentle Monster, Jennie also did not forget to send her own designed products to the members. The status lines updated by the rest of the members also prove BLACKPINK’s close sisterhood.


Jisoo took a photo right away with the gift that  her sister gave her. (Photo: Instagram @sooyaaa__)

Together for nearly 10 years, if there is no real love, perhaps BLACKPINK will not be together for a long time and firmly. The success of the girls not only comes from talent but also from solidarity and mutual respect.

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