Draymond Green Agrees With Nikola Jokic Saying Basketball Is A Job: ‘He’s Not Lying…’

Although most NBA players view their work as a job, many of them are still fierce competitors at heart. In fαct, Nikola Jokic, the current MVP of the Finals, once said that he views basketball as a job.

In a recent statement, Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors acknowledged that Nikola Jokic is “not lying” in response to the center’s remarks. He said there is a lot of  that comes with playing in the league and added that players are expected to perform under all conditions.

I enjoy competing and playing basketball, but he is not lying. Green declared, “I detest it. “To Jokҽr’s point, it’s labor, but I don’t want to seem like I take it for granted. And regardless of what may be happening at work, at home, or in the globe, you must consistently show up for work and deliver quality work. It’s work, and you have to show up and deliver. I wouldn’t swap my job for anything in the world, despite the politics and all the bulls**t that goes on there.

Without a doubt, NBA players are compensated in the end for their performance on the court and for playing basketball. Having said that, it still holds true that people can enjoy themselves on the basketball floor and appreciate what they do.

Many players don’t enjoy playing basketball.

“I was being polite at 50… Preparation… watching a movie… The really good teammates are the ones who I know the least about basketball. most proficient. The most outrageous s*** on earth… You are so talented, it just comes naturally. When you are so skilled that you can simply show up to the game and get a motherf*cking 30, the preparation is different. You couldn’t do that in the playoffs, but it might work against other weaker teams.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if players actually enjoy basketball or not if they perform well on the floor. When the team is focused on winning, other considerations become less important.