Elon Musk allegedly fired 2 Tesla employees for criticizing his tweets

Elon Musk, the self-described champion of free speech, reportedly fired two Tesla workers for criticizing the business’s procedures. According to a Bloomberg article, the workers were let go because they were a part of a group that discussed and wrote letters criticizing Musk. Musk’s post, according to one of the sacked employees, broke the company’s anti-harassment policy. In June, the staff were let go. One of the two sacked workers actually received a raise in May.

Musk has frequently expressed how strongly he supports free speech. He previously stated in a tweet that he wants his worst detractors to continue using Twitter. Musk, though, was unable to put up with criticism in real life. According to a Bloomberg story, the workers were let go for breaking the law of labor. According to the employees’ attorneys and complaints made to federal authorities, they were let go because they were a member of a team that discussed and sent letters that were critical of Musk.

The staff members requested Tesla leadership to reevaluate the stringent return-to-office rules that Musk implemented in late May in one of the drafts. One of Musk’s tweets, according to a different employee, broke Tesla’s anti-harassment rules. It’s interesting to note that one of the two sacked employees received a raise in May before being let go in June. A few days later, the other worker was let go. The business informed them that their discussions of the group constituted “an attack” against Tesla.

The workers claimed that their termination was the result of their discussion of “Tesla’s failure to enforce its non-harassment policy and its application of its post-C.o.v.i.d return to office policy.” Regarding the two employees’ termination, Tesla has not issued any statements.

Musk has dismissed individuals before for speaking out against him. Several SpaceX workers were let go after sending an open letter to him. Employees at Musk-led SpaceX were sacked after they published an open letter denouncing Musk’s behavior. Employees called Musk’s actions “a frequent source of distraction and embarrassment for us, particularly in recent weeks” in the letter. The corporation was urged in the letter to “publicly confront and denounce Elon’s damaging Twitter behavior.” It also discussed SpaceX’s “No Asshole” policy.

“Elon is seen as the face of SpaceX because he is our CEO and most visible speaker, and every Tweet he sends serves as a de facto official statement from the business. Our teams and our future talent pool must be made aware that his message does not align with the job we perform, our mission, or our values “In the letter, the SpaceX employees made a note.