Elon Musk says he was ‘tricked’ by Twitter when he signed an agreement to buy Twitter

Elon Musk says he was tricked by Twitter when he signed an agreement to buy Twitter

Twitter on Thursday denied Elon Musk’s claims in a Delaware court filing that he was tricked into signing a deal to buy the social media company, saying it was “absurd and contrary to the law.” reality”.

Musk, who is trying to back out of a deal to buy Twitter for $44 billion, filed an objection to Twitter last week in Delaware’s Premier Court. In July 2022, Twitter sued Musk to enforce the merger agreement and allege that the billionaire was trying to get out of the company’s acquisition because his personal wealth had declined and thus the acquisition. Twitter becomes more expensive.

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Musk alleges that Twitter failed to provide him with information to verify that less than 5% of Twitter’s more than 220 million daily users are focused on spam or phishing, a key metric for understanding activity. Twitter’s advertising business. The billionaire claims Twitter misrepresented or omitted information that could shed light on the company’s value.

In a 127-page legal filing in response to Musk’s allegations, Twitter called Musk’s claims “absurd and contrary to reality.” Twitter shared the document publicly in a tweet on Thursday, escalating the legal battle with the billionaire.


“As Twitter sued to enforce its rights and expose the weakness of those reasons, Musk spent weeks coming up with a variety of entirely new reasons for his violations,” according to the legal filing. of Twitter.

Twitter says it “never misleads Musk” because the company has revealed that there are limitations to their estimate of spam or fake accounts and the number could be higher. Musk claims that the number of spam or fake accounts is at least 10%, but Twitter says “Musk doesn’t measure the same thing as Twitter or even use the same data as Twitter.”


Twitter and Musk are expected to go to court on October 17 if they fail to reach an agreement. Twitter shareholders are expected to vote on the deal at a special meeting on September 13.

When the news that Elon Musk admitted that he had been tricked into signing an agreement to buy Twitter, many netizens mocked Elon Musk not knowing if he was a genius or a young boy, or criticized Musk for doing everything just for money, he is talented. Real talent but low personality.


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