Elon Musk trolls Andrew Tate with pizza tweet

The head of Twitter stated on New Year’s Eve that “sometimes it’s just nicer to bake pizza at home.”

The joke made reference to the belief that Tate, 36, was located in hiding in Romania after posting a video of himself carrying a Jerry’s Pizza box, a well-known local pizza business.

Tate had made an attempt to use the box as a prop to clap back at the 19-year-old eco-warrior with whom he had just one day earlier participated in a trending Twitter argument.

Many believe that this pizza box played a role in Andrew Tate’s capture after he and his brother Tristan were both detained in Romania on Thursday on charges of kidnapping and rapҽ .

In the video, the self-described s/ҽ/xist instructed someone off-screen to watch out for recycling the boxes as he called Thunberg a “slave of the matrix.”

On Thursday, not long after the video was posted, Tate was taken into custody on rapҽ  and kidnapping allegations. He and his brother are accused of creating a gang, “s/ҽ/xually exploiting” womҽn, and compelling them to star in pornσgraphιc movies.

Musk joined in on the jokes following Tate’s arrҽst. @elonmusk twitter

Tate has been the target of three tweets from Musk since his arrҽst abroad on New Year’s Eve.

Musk, 51, tweeted on Friday that Thunberg was “awesome” for confronting the online provocateur.

“The level of brand awareness Greta has amassed in just a few years is astonishing. In response to a post by satirical website Babylon Bee’s Thunberg-themed thermostat, which “scowls at you when you crank the heat up,” Musk said of the Swedish campaigner, “I think she’s amazing honestly.”

Musk is the creator of the electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla.

Andrew Tate, 36, who was born in the US and has British citizenship, had been under investigation by authorities since April.

Elon Musk tweeted about Andrew Tate’s arrҽst for s/ҽ/x trafficking Saturday.

What if I told you that the only way to escape the Matrix is to unlearn everything that you have been taught and rebuild your whole belief system based on critical thought & analysis? Musk also tweeted an image from the movie “The Matrix” in reference to Tate’s tragic video.