Elon Musk’s controversial selfie with his ‘best friend’

The Tesla CEO responded to the rumors of an affair with a close photo with Sergey Brin, to confirm he was still playing with the Google co-founder.

The Tesla CEO responded to the rumors of an affair with a close photo with Sergey Brin, to confirm he was still playing with the Google co-founder.

Elon Musk’s private life story caused a stir in the press when the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) wrote about Musk’s quick love relationship with Nicole Shanahan, ex-wife of billionaire Google founder Sergey Brin.


In response to this rumor, Musk posted a photo taken with Sergey Brin at a party with friends. Musk said that the image was taken the day before the  WSJ  posted the story. Specifically, according to Daily Mail, the photo was taken when both billionaires attended the 40th birthday party of Genevieve Jurvetson, wife of Steve Jurvetson, a member of the board of management of SpaceX.

However, the Daily Mail did not specify the date the photo was taken, only saying that the photo was taken “last week”, around the time Musk sent the photo to the  NY Post, and posted it on his personal page.


Elon Musk is still happy to take pictures together after rumors of broken friendship. Photo:  Twitter.

In the photo, Musk stands next to Brin happily drinking with friends around. Musk used a private jet to fly from Texas to Half Moon Bay, California to attend the party.

A resident living nearby confirmed this information and said that Steve Jurvetson organized a grand party for his wife. “There were several millionaires and a lot of billionaires in attendance. The old parking lot nearby is now full of their billion-dollar luxury cars,” residents living nearby confirmed information about the party.

The photo taken with Sergey Brin is Elon Musk’s strong response to rumors that the two’s friendship is broken because of an improper relationship with Brin’s ex-wife, Nicole Shanahan.

The billionaire said he spoke to Brin and Shanahan about the news. Both of them claimed to have never interviewed or authorized anyone to speak on their behalf with the  WSJ.

“I even spent Saturday evenings and afternoons with Brin and many other mutual friends. The atmosphere that day was great,” Musk said.

The two billionaires are longtime friends. In 2008, Brin invested  500,000 USD  in Tesla, saving the electric car company from the brink of bankruptcy. In 2015, Elon Musk also favored Brin to be one of the first 4 people to own Model X, Tesla’s first high-rise model.

The WSJ  quoted sources “well aware of the incident”, asserting that the brief love affair between Musk and Sergey Brin’s ex-wife ended the longtime friendship of the two technology billionaires. Brin is also said to have asked the adviser to sell his personal investments in Musk’s companies, including electric car maker Tesla.


The source of  WSJ  even claimed that Musk apologized to Sergey Brin on his knees and begged for his forgiveness. Photo:  WSJ.

The richest person in the world asserts that the information posted on  WSJ  is untrue. He called it “a hit show against Tesla.” “Unfortunately, even trivial articles about me generate a lot of clicks,” the billionaire complained on his personal Twitter on July 26.

Elon Musk also advised Ms. Nicole Shanahan to sue  WSJ  for the article about the two people’s out-of-the-way love.

For his part, he said that there are no plans to file a lawsuit against the  WSJ because “my chances of winning a defamation lawsuit with a press organization are almost impossible, they will say I am Satan.” “Better refute it on Twitter or ignore it, that’s what I usually do,” the billionaire said.


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