Elon Musk’s Mother Pleads With Everyone to Stop Being So Mean to Her Perfect Boy

Hey. Guys. End it. You know what? Despite the fact that he recently fired thousands of workers in the most disorganized and brutal methods conceivable, Maye Musk, Elon’s mother, claims that you only hate him because you aren’t him and that you should stop.

At least, that was the message she conveyed on “The Elon Musk Show,” a BBC documentary series about the mercurial, possibly maniacal CEO of SpaceX, Tesla, and Twitter. The second segment of the documentary apparently features the covergirl model, who used the chance to respond to her obnoxiously wealthy child’s internet critics.

According to Maye, “He gets a lot of animosity with those companies.” “Stop treating him badly.”


According to Insider, Maye also referred to her son as a “genius,” which makes sense given that she is his mother and many mothers feel this way about their children. She reportedly also said that, despite the fact that many people are envious of her newborn boy’s accomplishments, “no one wants to be him.” In other words, he’s not a dictator; rather, he’s a misunderstood genius who also has a difficult existence.

It’s important to note that Maye has experience playing defense for Elon. She has actually been acting like a mother bear since since her son turbulently acquired Twitter. She has tagged some “nasty” tweets made in her son’s direction with the hashtags “#NastyNasty” and “#NastyNasty” (savage!) She has also joined Elon in using the crying face emoji to mock people who aren’t emerald miners who are trying to use her son’s recently acquired public forum as a public forum. Idiots!

She has obviously ignored the reality that her son’s cultural relevance is mostly the result of his desire to be incredibly erratic online because, again, she is his mother. Not only is he the richest man in the world, but he is also a consistent shitposter and a dying Twitter troll. These traits are intrinsically related to the extremely public — and contentious — reputations of both him and his companies.

And just because you have the freedom to say and do whatever you want in public or online doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t face backlash for them, especially if you’re the most powerful and wealthy person in the world. Is outright bullying ever acceptable? Actually, no! However, criticism is a necessary component of the environment here.

Fair enough, the documentary also includes some strong endorsements from people outside the family, so Maye isn’t the only one standing up for him. When Elon has finished “building his legacy, it will be undeniable that he is a combination of Einstein, Tesla, and Rockefeller,” according to a report from episode one by former SpaceX talent chief Dolly Singh. Unquestionable!

“He became an expert on Tesla and Einstein. He has absorbed all of their knowledge and is attempting to further it “According to Insider, Singh stated. “I believe he is the closest thing we have to that kind of figure in our time and age,” the author said.