Elon Musk’s sister rarely shares about her billionaire brother

"He's never been wrong. Not even a little bit. I'm very proud of him," said Elon Musk's sister.

Recently, in an interview with The Times, Tosca Musk, billionaire Elon Musk’s sister had a moment to open up about her billionaire brother, Musk’s hobbies and relationships with family members.

“I don’t know about other people, but my brothers and I have a lot in common… We both love to spend time together and see each other whenever possible,” Tosca shared. “Usually Kimbal Musk (Elon Musk’s younger brother) cooks dinner. We sit around the table and chat happily.”


According to Tosca’s share, Elon Musk also sometimes goes to the kitchen.

“He used to make cinnamon rolls which were quite special. Musk made the dough himself and they were quite delicious,” Tosca shared.

It is known that Elon Musk is an emotional person and is always willing to give advice, but only shares frankly if they accept to follow those advice. “He used to say to me: ‘I’ll give you advice, on condition that you listen. Otherwise, I will never give advice again'”, Tosca shared, at the same time affirming. brother was never wrong to advise people.

“He’s never been wrong. Not even a little bit. I’m very proud of him – a phenomenon, an outstanding man in many ways with the ambition to help humanity,” Tosca shared.


Elon Musk and his mother, Mrs. Maye Musk

However, this interview also mentioned the Musk family’s unhappy childhood in South Africa. At that time, father Errol Musk often abused his wife, both physically and mentally.

“Some people think we grew up in a full-fledged family, with a huge family background. That’s far from the truth. At that time, we thought just enough to live on,” Tosca said.

She also revealed that her brother used to beat his father to protect his mother when Errol was angry and smashed things.

“I don’t like my kids watching YouTube and hearing people gossip about my uncle. It makes them uncomfortable and I don’t understand why Musk is being criticized like that,” Tosca said.

It is known that Kimbal and Tosca are both siblings of Elon Musk. Kimbal Musk owns The Kitchen restaurant chain following the “farm to fork” model in the US and is a shareholder of electric car company Tesla, while Tosca Musk is a producer, director and co-founder of the movie viewing platform. Passionflix online.


Elon Musk with his mother and two brothers

The relationship of the richest billionaire on the planet with his mother, Maye Musk, is very good. Most recently, they accompanied each other at the Met Gala fashion event taking place on the morning of May 3 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with the participation of a series of world-famous stars.

When asked about the outfit for the event held with the theme of Gilded Glamor, Elon Musk said: “I just follow the dress code. I feel great when I admire the gorgeous outfits. at the event. This is the convergence of talented and fashionable people at the peak of their careers. It is my honor to attend this event.”

At 71 years old, Maye Musk boasts one of the happiest mothers in the world. Not only owning a successful career as a model, nutritionist and fashion, she is famous for teaching her children science, letting them grow up and take responsibility for themselves.

“I taught them to work hard and follow their own passions,” said Maye Musk.


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