England 1-2 France: Harry Kane ‘blows’ away England’s semi-final ticket

The 2022 World Cup semi-final between England and France has attracted great attention from football fans around the world because it is a confrontation of giants from Europe. In the first minutes of the match, both teams entered confidently. France encroached on the field and England was actively defending. However, “Three Lions” is the team to finish first. Foden shot decisively but was blocked by the French defense.

In the 11th minute, from Dembele’s cross, Giroud headed the ball to find the position Pickford had chosen. He got on the ball with difficulty when France pushed the team up close. From a phase of stealing the ball in the middle of the field, Rabiot accelerated and passed it to Mbappe. Mbappe sent the ball to the far post, but Dembele could not get on the ball.

In the 17th minute, the deadlock was suddenly broken and the person who rose was France. From the ball initiated by Mbappe, the ball passed Dembele, Griezmann and Tchouameni. The 22-year-old midfielder who is wearing a Real shirt does not need much momentum, swinging a very long shot to knock down goalkeeper Pickford.

Soon, England had an answer when Kane closed in on the French goal but could not beat his Tottenham teammate, Hugo Lloris. Clear opportunities began to come to England, but they could not equalize.

In the last minutes of the first half, the game was in favor of England, which was shown when Mbappe stepped back into the middle of the field, kicking like a midfielder. He was constantly fouled by the opponent from the beginning of the match. The PSG striker just finished in the penalty area, but the shot in an uncomfortable position sent the ball over the bar.

Being led, England rose up in the first minutes of the second half. 47 minutes, Jude Bellingham shot the ball dangerously but Lloris saved it with his fingertips. A minute later, Maguire headed from a tight angle but could not score.

But it didn’t take long for England to equalize. In the 52nd minute, Saka swerved the ball from the right wing into the middle. Tchouameni, who opened the scoring, turned into a French criminal when he fouled in the penalty area. From the penalty, Harry Kane beat Lloris, scoring 53rd for England and equaling Wayne Rooney’s record.

The game gradually heated up, Immediately after the French goal, Rabiot dangerously shot from long distance after England’s error, but Pickford saved with a decisive move. A minute later, Mbappe unleashed his strength, eliminated Walker in the fast race and then stretched into the penalty area. None of his teammates chose a good position after Mbappe’s effort. Dembele finished in a with position, causing the opportunity to pass.

Once again, however, France rose. In the 78th minute, Giroud snuck behind Declan Rice to hit a close-range header to beat Pickford. Maguire was the only one to detect the presence of the French striker but he could not do more before the opponent’s impressive aerial ability.

The match was pushed to a climax when the referee stopped the game to determine the situation of collision between Hernandez and Mount in the penalty area. England were awarded the second penalty. From a distance of 11 meters, Kane kicked the ball over the bar. The score is still 2-1 in favor of France. England fans in the stands burst into tears.

In the last minutes of the game, England continuously stuffed the ball into the penalty area to look for hope in injury time. However, everything was over when the referee blew the time and the final result was that France was the one to go on to the semi-finals when they overcame England with a score of 2-1 and the next opponent of the “Go Loa rooster”. is Morocco.