English goalkeeper received a serious reaction from ‘family’ after accusing Man Utd of ‘lying’

Dean Henderson's comments in an interview with talkSport enraged many Manucians, and his MU return appears to be closed

Dean Henderson has been loaned out by Manchester United to newly promoted Nottingham Forest. In a recent interview with talkSport, this goalkeeper made some controversial remarks about his time with Manchester United:

“Last season was particularly trying for me. The MU coaching staff promised me a starting spot, but I got co.v.i.d and didn’t get many chances to play.


However, I continue to believe in the team and refuse offers from other clubs. Despite my training efforts, MU kept me on the bench. It’s a crime for a 25-year-old goalkeeper. I’m furious, but it’s all over now, and I’ve joined the new team.”

Many MU fans were outraged by Dean Henderson’s share, and a slew of criticism was directed at the British goalkeeper on Reddit.


thphnts wrote in his account: “He is frustrated because he has COVID and is unable to compete with De Gea, who has been the world’s best goalkeeper for many years. The attitude is far too juvenile!” In addition, the hollow114 account shared: “This guy should be sold by MU. This individual is the team’s issue.”

According to the butterscotchbaybay account: “Players I like are leaving the club in increasing numbers. I don’t care if it’s Dean Henderson or Ronaldo. You are free to leave if you do not respect the club. People come and go, but MU will always hold its position.”


With what has happened, Dean Henderson’s return to MU is difficult, despite the fact that he was only on a one-year loan to Nottingham Forest. De Gea is still in good form, and the Red Devils have an experienced goalkeeper on the bench in Tom Heaton. As a result, MU is unlikely to be too picky about keeping Henderson.

Despite being highly regarded, the English goalkeeper only had three major arrests for the first team in the previous season. Dean Henderson wants to leave to pursue opportunities to play and be called up to the England national team, especially with the 2022 World Cup approaching.


Henderson admits he does not want to speak with new manager Erik ten Hag in order to force Manchester United to release him. “Perhaps Ten Hag will want me to stay, but I want to play, not be a sub,” he explained.

Henderson grew up at Manchester United and spent time on loan at Stockford in the semi-professional league. During the 2018-2020 season, he made an impression with Sheffield United and was called up to the England squad before being recalled by Manchester United.

Henderson was loaned out to Nottingham Forest from Manchester United on a one-year contract on July 2. Midfielder Jesse Lingard is another Nottingham rookie who has played for Manchester United. He joined Nottingham for free after his contract with the “Red Devils” expired in the summer of 2022. Last season, Henderson and Lingard were viewed negatively in the Manchester United dressing room.

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