Every time she prepares to go on stage, Lisa always does this thing!

One unique characteristic of Lisa is noticed by fans.

Throughout BLACKPINK’s global tour, Lisa often shares backstage images with fans on her blog. Fans not only like Lisa’s doll-like appearance but also observe that she loves to pray before performing.

For a long time, Lisa has maintained the practice of praying before doing significant tasks. Lisa always prayed before the performances to be more composed and self-assured when BLACKPINK was traveling for the first time or when they performed at Coachella 2019 as part of the program.

Pranpriya Manoban was Lisa’s mother. Pranpriya means “a loving soul” in Thai. Lisa’s parents opted to rename her Lalisa when she reached 13 despite the fact that Lisa is a significant name.

Lisa’s family visited with a fortune teller when the results of her YG audition weren’t in yet, and it was suggested that they alter Lisa’s name to Lalisa in order to improve her luck. A week after altering her identity, Lisa received a call from YG informing her that she had been accepted as a trainee. To her, it seemed like a miracle.

The supernatural doesn’t scare Lisa either. She once related how, while playing games in Jisoo’s room, she saw a shadow passing past. Or when, without anybody touching it, her garbage can opened on its own. But while she watched, Lisa showed no signs of being frightened.