Evidence Makes ARMYs Believe Jimin Is Working On A Solo Album ‘PJM1’

Will fans finally receive BTS Jimin's first solo album?! Clues are being added…

Ever since BTS announced that they will be taking some time off to prioritize solo activities, the boys have made it clear that they will be releasing a solo album.


J-Hope is the first person to have a solo album with Jack In The Box.


Now it looks like Jimin is next… Recently, Jimin went to the US to support J-Hope at 2022 Lolapalooza in Chicago.


However, while J-Hope left Korea shortly after, Jimin has clearly stayed in the US and ARMYs are suspecting that this is due to the preparation for his upcoming solo album/mixtape known as the name PJM1.


ARMYs also found some support for this theory. Jimin recently shared photos of himself at an unknown beach…


The producer of BIGHIT MUSIC’s Slow Rabbit also recently shares that he is also in the US.


Slow Rabbit shared that he traveled from Chicago, Illinois, to Los Angeles, California…

The locations featured on Slow Rabbit’s personal Instagram appear to be the beach that Jimin posted about as well as a music studio. Looks like the two were/are together.


Jimin and Slow Rabbit are likely to extend their US trip to work on music. So ARMYs believe that PJM1 is coming.

Fellow producer BIGHIT MUSIC Pdogg has also commented on American producer Benny Blanco’s posts with Jimin, arousing many suspicions…


Speaking of Benny Blanco, ever since he collaborated with BTS’ vocal line for the single Bad Decisions, ARMYs have been expecting more from Jimin.

Whenever PJM1 releases fans are ready to receive it.

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