Evidence of Glazer’s unlawful act towards Man Utd

The Glazer crew is now credited for having a significant influence on MU's 'dark' days and additionally, these owners' wrongdoings have just 'come to light'

The scrutiny on Manchester United’s “notorious” owners has increased as a result of the team’s dismal start to the Premier League season this year. Furthermore, The Sun recently “revealed” the wrongdoings the Glazer family committed against the team.

Accordingly, it is claimed that the Glazer family has stolen more than 1.1 billion pounds from MU since acquiring the team in 2005. This sum includes the interest that MU generated up to 743 million pounds, whilst the Glazers paid just over £100 million in debt over the past ten years.


In other words, during the last ten years, MU has never spent more than the team brings in through ticket sales to the owners. This means that regardless of how much money MU produces, it all goes to the Glazer family and that none of the team’s payments—not even a single dollar—come from the capital of this ruling class.


Keep in mind that some teams, like Man City, Chelsea, or Aston Villa, have owners who have invested more than 500 million pounds in the organization, not including the money they make. If the Glazer family were to stop “withdrawing the core” from the team, their support for MU would be essentially nonexistent.


Even though Ronaldo, Varane, and Sancho’s acquisitions helped boost their yearly earnings from £ 323 million to £ 387 million, Old Trafford Stadium has been significantly trailing rival stadiums since 2013 due to a lack of critical infrastructure improvements.

In other words, MU has always been the side with the highest image value in the globe thanks to the illustrious history under Sir Alex. Unfortunately, everything they carried ended up in the hands of the Glazer family’s “robbers,” who stole it. The Red Devils won’t be able to return to their original position for a very long time if this “slave” life is not put an end to soon.


The toxicity in the locker room has intensified after a terrible start to the new season, and it is claimed that the club is intensifying its efforts to sell Ronaldo. Glazer hasn’t visited Old Trafford since 2019, although he still communicates daily with CEO Richard Arnold.

However, it appears that many United supporters have lost patience with the owners’ absence. On Twitter, some people expressed their rage at them for opposing Ronaldo’s departure.

Many reaffirmed their #GlazersOut stance before to a planned absence from Monday’s home game between United and Liverpool.

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