Excellent: Blackpink Is The Most Listened Girl Group Globally On Spotify 2022

Near the end of 2022, Spotify has announced the list of the most listened to artists and groups on this platform this year. In particular, K-Pop girl group  BLACKPINK  also has the honor to be on this list.

Specifically, according to Spotify’s statistics, BLACKPINK has surpassed many other popular groups to become the girl group with the highest number of streams globally. This is not the first time the 4 girls from YG have won this title. The first time BLACKPINK did it was in 2019 and the group has maintained the title for 4 consecutive years on Spotify.

Since 2016, only 3 girl groups have been named for the position of the most streamed girl group, namely Fifth Harmony, Little Mix and BLACKPINK. However, in the past 4 years, the group from the land of kimchi has completely taken over the air, becoming a “hegemonic” that no girl group has been able to achieve this huge stream of.

BLACKPINK is the most listened girl group globally on Spotify 2022 - Photo 1.

Notably, in BLACKPINK’s 6-year career, the group has only over 50 songs – much less than other artists. This also means that the group’s songs all have very high views, completely overwhelming, leading to BLACKPINK being at the top of the number of views (in the girl group segment) on Spotify.

Also on the list, the group’s “youngest sister” – Lisa – is also honored to be featured in a separate category, which is the category of the most listened to female K-Pop solo artist. What’s more amazing is that Lisa just started her solo career last September.  The Thai female idol also released only 2 solo songs, named  LALISA  and  Money.  Both songs were released last year.