Exclusive: Discover tattoo art museum on Rashford’s skin with special meaning

Rashford also holds the record for the earliest English player to score in a senior international game. You might not be aware of the fairly intriguing tattoos that Rashford’s body is concealing. Let’s examine them and the meanings they convey.

1. ‘Scroll’ Tattoo

Tattoo: The footballer has a big tattoo of a scroll on his left shoulder and upper arm. Over the scroll on his shoulder are the words “Family Forever,” which are also inscribed with the names of his family members and a homage to his Nan. To fill in the gaps between the remainder of his tattoos, he also had tiny stars tattooed on his arm.

Meaning:  Rashford’s tattoo represents the love that he has for his family as well as how much he adored his nan, Cillian Henry.

2. ‘Praying Hands’ Tattoo

Tattoo:  The scroll tattoo also contains two hands, joined in prayer with a rosemary bead necklace wrapped around them on his upper left arm.

Meaning:  The hands are just beside the word, Nan, and are a part of his tribute tattoo for her.

3. ‘Eye and Writing’ Tattoo

Tattoo: His left forearm’s inner side is completely covered with a massive tattoo of lettering, and his left elbow has an eye tattooed on it. Around both tattoos, the same little stars are inked to fill his sleeve.

4. ‘Dandelion’ Tattoo

Tattoo: The phrase “Always in my Heart” is inked above a tattoo of a withering dandelion in the wind on the upper side of his left forearm. Little dandelion seeds encircle the words and cover the surrounding areas.

5. ‘Bug’ Tattoo

Tattoo:  There is a tattoo of a bug, just below the dandelion on the upper side of his left forearm.

6. ‘Lion’ Tattoo

Tattoo:  The left hand of the footballer contains the face of a lion tattooed on it.

Meaning:  Rashford is very ambitious and got the lion tattoo as he thinks his personality matches that of the beast. There is another tattoo of a lion on his body as you’ll soon find out.

7. ‘Flower’ Tattoo

Tattoo: He has a flower tattooed on the inside of his right forearm. Because there is a blank black banner below the flower that has to be filled with text, the tattoo is unfinished.

8. Angel Wings Tattoo

Tattoo:  The back of the footballer contains a tattoo of wings that spread across his upper back, joined at his spine.

Meaning:  Wings are the way of depicting that the person wishes to achieve freedom and independence,and just wishes to fly high soaring the heights of success.

9. ‘Lion’ Tattoo

Tattoo:  There is another tattoo of the face of a lion on Rashford’s body. This one covers his left pec.

Meaning:  The lion represents the personality of the athlete which is why he got it.

10. Chest Tattoo

Tattoo:  The right side of Rashford’s chest is covered in another tattoo of writing.

11. ‘House’ Tattoo

Tattoo:  The left side of his body contains a tattoo of a big house with trees. There is also a small boy playing football in front of the house.

Meaning:  The small boy playing football is Rashford himself and this a tattoo that represents his passion and love for football that he has had since he was little.

12. Logo Tattoo

Rashford has a large tattoo depicting an infant playing football in front of rowhouses

Tattoo: The football player has the initials “M and R” inked on his right thigh in the shape of a combined shield. The shield contains wings as well as rays of light emanating from its back.

Meaning: Marcus Rashford’s name and the letters “M and R” make up the tattoo’s logo.

MARCUS RASHFORD displayed his most recent tattoo after helping Manchester United defeat Cardiff 5-1.

After being replaced, the Red Devils speedster lifted up his shirt to show a huge image of a young youngster playing football.

In his artwork, the football-obsessed boy is shown kicking a ball around in front of several terraced homes.

Rashford, 21, has not discussed the significance of his tattoo, but it might be a homage to his early involvement in the developing game.

With new manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, United’s players unquestionably demonstrated that they had rediscover the love of playing football.

The superstars decided to put in a shift after a string of poor performances and ran roughshod over the promoted Bluebirds.

In celebration of Manchester United’s decisive 5-1 victory over Cardiff, Paul Pogba removes his shirt.

Rashford’s inking mirrors Manchester City rival Gabriel Jesus, who has his old neighbourhood on his arm.

He said previously: “I have four and all of them represent me a little bit.

“One is for faith, the other ones are one of Jardim Peri, where I was born and grew up with the dream of being a football player.

Cardiff 1-5 Manchester United – Rashford, Herrera, Martial and Lingard double get Solskjaer off to winning start

“The other completes the image of the neighbour of my childhood. The last one is the quote of my mom.

“I intend to have more tattoos about my career in the future.”