Experts reveaᶅ the unsatisfactory meeting between Meghan Markle and the Queen’s daughter

Meghan Markle’s relationship with the royal family has always been filled with conflicting stories, making the relationship between them increasingly blurred.

Recently, royal expert Neil Sean has revealed details about the meeting between Meghan and Princess Anne, daughter of the Queen of England, helping to explain why their relationship has not been interested for a long time.

Private meeting failed

According to expert Neil Sean, Meghan was almost “dumbfounded” after Princess Anne advised her to view royal life as a place to work and dedicate rather than seek fame for herself.


Princess Anne has given Meghan special advice.

Mr. Sean said: “Princess Anne is a very important member of the family. Therefore, when stepping into the royal family, Meghan had a private meeting with the daughter of the Queen of England.

Princess Anne gave sincere advice to her new niece-in-law. As we all know she is the hardest working member of the British royal family. Therefore, Princess Anne advised Meghan to work seriously, on time, devote herself to royal duties instead of pursuing personal goals.

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Princess Anne also advised Meghan when participating in sponsoring any charity, she needs to find out and really immerse herself in the activities there.“.

However, in reality, Meghan is judged as “not too interested in the tasks” and does not have many outstanding activities as a patron of organizations.

“According to an insider, Meghan is not interested in Princess Anne. And the Queen’s daughter always knows that Meghan will only work for the royal family for a very short time“, Mr. Sean affirmed.

How hard is Princess Anne?

Princess Anne is known as a person who dedicates herself to the royal family. In 2021, she is the hardest working member of the family. On the occasion of the last Platinum Day, the Queen’s daughter made a short trip to Australia.

In just 4 days, Princess Anne completed more than 20 quests. The special thing here is that she does everything without being fussy, cumbersome or flashy.


Princess Anne is the pride of the Queen of England.

Some sources said that the royal staff greatly admired Princess Anne when she completed her trip in the most cost-effective way. She completely uses commercial aircraft, stays at budget hotels and does her own hair and makeup for the events she attends.

Fans around the world were amazed at her incredible work ethic: “Princess Anne is very dedicated, she is more than any other member of the British royal family to maintain and develop what her mother built.“, royal commentator Ed Owens praised the Queen’s daughter.

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Last year, Princess Anne carried out 387 official duties after the Queen had many health problems, had to reduce her workload.

Despite being five years past the retirement age, Princess Anne shows no signs of stopping at all. And so it’s easy to see why Princess Anne realizes that Meghan doesn’t belong in the royal family when the duchess just wants to build a career for herself.

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