Fans Caught V & Jennie Dating At A Restaurant

Many Korean netizens claim that until now, only fans can't believe that Jennie and V are in love.

Late on the evening of July 31,  BLACKPINK  caused an explosion on social media platforms when announcing a comeback with the opening single  BORN PINK  in August and releasing a full album in September.

A few days ago, Korean online forums were filled with rumors about non-fans catching Jennie and V eating at a barbecue restaurant.


The post on 24/7 once again sparked rᴜmσrs that V and Jennie are dating

On the Korean internet forum Pann Nate, a user posted a post on July 24:

“It’s true that V and Jennie are dating. I saw them at a restaurant in Oksu-dong. I don’t want to post pictures because I want to keep them private. They must be upset. It’s a meat restaurant. three just baked, so I guess the two of you must have been in love for a long time. Please wait, the pictures will be posted soon.”

The restaurant this user mentioned is said to be called Geum Dwaeji Sikdang. Fans on Twitter also discovered that this is a restaurant frequented by BTS members.


Geum Dwaeji Sikdang restaurant address

The owner of the post deleted the post not long after, but related articles about V and Jennie going out to eat  still continuously reached the top most read on Pann.

By July 31, an article that attracted nearly 200,000 readers also provided further evidence that in an interview with W Korea magazine at the end of June, when asked what she wanted to eat most now, Jennie answered The word is grilled pork belly.


Jennie said she wanted to eat grilled pork belly in a recent interview

Below the comments section, many netizens agreed with the conclusion that V and Jennie are indeed dating:

-It’s amazing that V fans still don’t believe that they’re dating

– But why do fans keep denying that photo? So why didn’t Big Hit make an official statement denying dating like RM, Jungkook or Suga before? Why doesn’t this say anything at all?


The two singers’ management company is still silent about the supposed photo of V and Jennie going on a date a few months ago.

-Usually, whenever a reporter asks about dating, HYBE answers everything

– Those who don’t believe V and Jennie are dating are only their fans

-V’s dream is to become a father so he probably wants to get married before he enlists

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