Fans Express Concern After TҺιs Photo Of Rosé Went Viral

Concern about BLACKPINK Rose’s current weight

Recently, many online communities have been checking out BLACKPINK, who is currently doing a world tour in different cities across Europe, such as “BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR [BORN PINK] LONDON” at THE O2 in London on November 30 and December 1.

(Ảnh: BLACKPINK (KBS Entertainment))

The quartet has performed in various cities, countries and continents, starting with Korea in October and the US in November. This December, they will begin a tour in Europe, followed by the Asia tour from January to May 2023. Their last stop will be Australia, scheduled to be held in June next year.

Amid fans’ eagerness to meet “the biggest girl group in the world”, some BLINKs expressed concern for the members’ health due to their busy schedules after Rosé ‘s pҺoтos went viral . transmitted on radio.


In particular, the scene showing off member Rosé’s figure was shared on many communities and became a Һoт topic.

In  the published pҺoтo  , Rosé’s ant waist in a trophy t-shirt attracts the attention of residents and fans. Although the female idol has been famous for her ant waist since before her debut, the pҺoтo caused a stir when the female idol’s ribs when dancing, showing a noticeable weight loss.

(PҺoтo: BLACKPINK Rosé (TopStarNews))

People also emphasized that Rosé’s legs can be seen to have lost a lot of weight, causing fans to worry about her health during the world tour.

Internet users have responded in different ways but most agree that she looks thinner, saying:

“I worry if she gets sick.”

– “Eat well even though you are busy.”

“I think she’s too skinny.”

– “The ribs are too obvious.”

– “Unnie, please stop dieting.”

On the other hand, some say that Rosé looks healthy on her Instagram pҺoтos and explained:

– “He must have just captured a certain moment of Rosé.”

– “Isn’t it because she dances new?”

“She looks healthy.”

Netizens then recalled the “Shut Down” singer’s previous interview with Elle Korea in May, rҽvҽaling her sҽcrҽt to managing her body.

“I try not to eat the day before filming, and if I’m hungry at night, I try to endure it as much as I can. I try not to eat anything.”

BLACKPINK becomes the only female K-pop artist to perform at ‘THE O2’ with ‘BORN PINK’ concert

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK, Rosé’s group is conducting the largest world tour of a K-pop girl group attracting about 1.5 million people.

On November 30 and December 1, BLACKPINK kicked off their European tour by coloring London, the “hometown of pop music”.

BLACKPINK held a concert at THE O2 in London, England and met with about 30,000 spectators. All the shows on both days were sold out and the scene was packed with fans waiting to get in early in the morning.

After the stage, it was reported that BLACKPINK had become the only female K-pop act to take the stage at “THE O2”, where world-class artists performed.

THE O2 welcomed BLACKPINK and celebrated BLACKPINK’s concert by changing the entire exterior, including the white tent, the main symbol of the concert hall, to pink.

For the first time in the building’s 15-year history, it was an unusual moment when the building lights were changed. With the first effort prepared just for BLACKPINK, BLACKPINK’s global position has been realized.