Ferdinand explains why he decided to cut off contact with Lampard, a beloved Chelsea player

Rio Ferdinand has stated that he and Frank Lampard stopped interacting with one another as a result of their “obsession on winning as many trophies as possible.” This is the reason that Rio Ferdinand cited.

Both of the British players were working their way through the ranks at West Ham United at roughly the same time, and they were quite friendly with one another. During this time, both of them were making progress in the club’s hierarchy and moving up the ranks. When they had both left the Hammers, their careers would eventually cross paths again, this time with Ferdinand playing for Manchester United and Lampard leading the offensive for Chelsea. At this point, Ferdinand was playing for Manchester United. Lampard was directing the offensive for Chelsea. However, Ferdinand would be representing Manchester United in this game instead of Real Madrid. The Hammers were the team that served as the starting point for both of the men’s playing careers.

They were both a part of a lot of epic fights, most notably during the decade of the 2000s when their respective clubs were competing head-to-head for the title of Premier League champion. They were both a part of some of the most memorable matches in Premier League history. During that time period, they were both a part of a number of significant conflicts that took place. Because of the intense competitiveness and rivalry that had been going on between them, Ferdinand admitted that their friendship and connection had become strained over time. This was a direct effect of the situation.

In response to BT Sport’s enquiry about whether or not competitions have an effect on friendships that exist outside of the playing field, Ferdinand stated, “It absolutely [impact your friendships].”

It is well knowledge that Frank Lampard and I were teammates at West Ham during the crucial years of our careers. They were years that we both went through together and can be considered joint experiences.

We are no longer in communication with one another as a direct result of our separate relocations. I am currently playing for Manchester United, while he is playing for Chelsea. The topic was never brought up for discussion, and there were no consequences as a direct result of its occurrence.

Both athletes went on to have prosperous careers in the sports that they had chosen, careers that are recognized even to this day, and both of them have won a great deal of recognition for their accomplishments. Rio Ferdinand is currently working as a game commentator for the British television network BT Sport. Once Rio Ferdinand concluded his career as a soccer player, he transitioned quickly into the realm of commentary and is now working in this field.

Lampard dabbled for some time in the field of punditry, but in the end, he decided to seek a career in management instead of continuing his work in that profession. Since then, he has managed Derby County, Chelsea, and most recently Everton, who dismissed him in January after the Toffees were defeated by West Ham United 2-0 on the road. Before to that, he was the manager of Derby County. Since that time, he has served as the manager of not one, not two, but three separate clubs, namely Derby County, Chelsea, and Everton. After that, he went on to become the manager of Derby County, Chelsea, and Everton in that order. Now, he is the manager of Everton.

After suffering through a very challenging season with the Merseysiders, it is now unknown where Lampard will play his soccer in the future. This comes after Lampard spent the previous season with the team.