Find out reason behind the Queen’s ‘confidant lime green’ in important occasions

The Queen of England often wears green at the most important events, typically the closing moment of the recent Platinum Celebration.

During her 70-year reign, Queen Elizabeth II has become a globally influential fashion and cultural icon. During all that time, the public as well as those who love the Royal Family have never ceased to be surprised and delighted by her collection of hats or costumes with extremely rich colors.


The Queen suddenly appeared in the final moments of the Great Platinum Ceremony.

But if there is one color that is most influential and very often chosen by the Queen for the most important occasions, it is definitely green.

This is not a new habit but a long-term conscious choice of the head of the Royal Family. For example, she wore a green outfit in a rare speech to cheer the people’s spirit amid the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.


Queen in her 2020 speech.

Before that, at the Royal wedding between Harry and Meghan, she also chose a striking green color.


Before that, at the Royal wedding between Harry and Meghan, she also chose a striking green color.

Back in the old days, the Queen also always chose green in important state ceremonies or meetings.


The Queen during a meeting with French First Lady Germaine Coty in the 1950s.


The Queen during a visit to Melbourne, Australia, in 1954.

Not only in important events and diplomatic meetings, the Queen also chooses this color for sacred occasions, such as when she appeared at the memorial service for Prince Philip last March.


The Queen at a memorial service for Prince Philip on March 29.

It is important not to mention that this special color has also been “copied” by other female members of the Royal Family for decades.


Female members of the Royal Family have loved this color for decades as a tradition.


Princess Royal Anne in an “all green” outfit at the 2017 Royal Horse Race.


Princess Diana at an event in 1993.


Princess Kate during the special event was her first Royal visit to Australia and New Zealand in 2014.


Meghan Markle also did not escape the “green charm” when appearing at Commonwealth Day 2020 – the last event as Cambridge’s Royal Family.

What is the real reason?

As psychologist Lee Chambers shares, green has a deep connection with nature, accompanied by a symbolism that is both sustainable and fresh.

In response to the Daily Mail, he said, ” When we wear green, we are sending a message of calmness, approachability and friendliness to those around us. The balance of this color is important because it exudes calm. tolerance, and feelings of energy and optimism .”

In addition, this color creates a feeling of peace and stability, subtly spreading traditional values. The green outfit is also prominent, attracting attention but not overwhelming the surrounding elements.

As for color psychologist Momtaz Begum-Hossain, we often describe people’s personalities according to the seasons – and green is a lot like picturing someone with a “spring personality”.


The Queen in a bright outfit at the Royal Air Force Memorial Park last year.

” This trait shows that they are driven by personal growth, they are not afraid to accept change and rise to be the best version of themselves ,” she explains. All of that fits with the Queen’s 70-year reign, from a young monarch to the fulcrum of the British people.

She also explained that the Queen experimented with more shades of green than any other color. This proves that the head of the Royal Family is always in harmony with himself, is not swayed by other people’s opinions and likes to live as himself. Finally, the neon green The Queen often wears needs a lot of confidence to wear, through which she exudes a powerful, controlling and attention-grabbing personality.

But that doesn’t mean the Queen isn’t friendly. On the contrary, she radiates a positive and warm, optimistic energy from her personality to everyone. She also wants the people she comes in contact with to feel familiar, calm and relaxed.

Finally, stylist Rochelle White believes that blue is a symbol of healing and health – an important message for post-pandemic Britain. With this clear color, the Queen wants to join the people towards a brighter, prosperous and more developed era.

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