Find out why Trent Alexander-Arnold, a star for Liverpool, joined adidas and opted to wear Predator gear

Using his former youth division teammates’ Predator 2024 football boots, Trent Alexander-Arnold made an even more sensational return to adidas by scoring the game-winning goal against Manchester City. Follow Thanh Hung Futsal in today’s article to learn why Trent Alexander-Arnold joined adidas and why he decided to wear the Predator!


It would appear that the 2023–2024 season is Trent Alexander-historical Arnold’s. To start, we should discuss Alexander-role Arnold’s at Liverpool since the previous season’s finale. When the Red Brigade have the ball, he’ll move to the middle of the field. As soon as he gets his hands on the ball, the opponent will revert to his defensive position. The Kop’s outstanding play this season has been substantially enhanced by the British star’s new position on the pitch. He officially transferred to Adidas, ending his career with Under Armour, and will now be the face of the Predator with Jude Bellingham, another famous Brit.

When the legendary silo’s outstanding attributes, such “control” and “accuracy,” come together, fans are led to believe that Trent and Predator are perfect for each other. No. 66 Liverpool’s new “inverted winger” position is further highlighted by this.

As the newest member of the adidas team and the Predator squad, what better way to make your debut than to score a goal by rushing the Manchester City defense and winning the first point of the game? Wearing his own pair of Predator 2024 sneakers, Trent was also able to do this. Stripes and a detachable tongue in red (the color of Liverpool’s jersey) make up the shoe’s primary color scheme. Both Alexander-younger Arnold’s fans and those who had been following the detachable tongue style for the past decade were captivated by him.

This goal is worthy of much discussion. But Trent Alexander-Arnold will be talking about his move to Adidas and the Predator brand in an interview today.

“Wearing the Predatоr оn yоur feet is an entirely different experience cоmpared tо wearing оther shоes. Yоu are cоmpelled tо apprоach that missiоn with a mоre fair, seriоus, and respоnsible attitude.”

We should talk about my joining adidas. What does that imply to you personally?

Intriguing beyond words. quite interesting. Since I’ve always felt a special connection to adidas, I’m overjoyed to be a part of the company’s ambitious plans for the future. Surrounded by them, I feel immense contentment.

Put aside concerns like money, contracts, and other issues. Tell me how adidas benefits you.

Right now in my career, I feel that my goals and aspirations align with what adidas stands for. Seems like everything is ready to go. The label’s upcoming projects were a fantastic fit for my professional aspirations at the time, so it was the perfect opportunity to make this major change.

Did you get a chance to wear the Predator while you were a young team player? “Going so far to return” must have been easy for him on this specific occasion. What was it like to wear a Predator when you were a kid?

When you put the Predator on your foot, it will be like nothing you’ve ever felt before. Taking on more and more duties is a sign that you are maturing into the role of Predator, and you should constantly aim to do your best. My performance in the prior games improved as a result of that. A new adventure awaits me every time I slip them on and head outdoors to play football.

where the uvula is located. Since you’re already familiar with the series, that must be one of the new Predator’s selling points.

The removable tongue is probably one of the most distinguishing characteristics of this famous Predator silo’s emblem.

Because they are unique and original, these shoes will gain instant attention the moment you attach the tongue. Since I was a little girl, I have loved these uvulas and have possessed them for a very long time. Putting them on my feet and stepping onto the field still brings me immense satisfaction.

Is bringing back the famous Predator elements something you’re interested in?

I was overjoyed to see this new crop of predators. I can tell there are a lot of differences between these and other shoes I’ve worn. Despite their more modern production method, they retain a distinctive look because to a shared tongue and overall shape. Reason being, you wouldn’t dare step onto the field in 2005 using shoes constructed with the same materials and technology used today!

Modern, fast-paced games necessitate this update.

Your association with Adidas seems to be going to do wonders for the firm, both on and off the pitch, especially when it comes to inspiration. In joining this German sports company, what are your aspirations?

This is a monumental moment for adidas and myself. The time is right to work together on the projects the company is planning to bring in the near future, as I mentioned before. Off the field as much as on it, I am excited about what the future holds.


Would you be interested in working on a creative project with them?

If it is possible, I will gladly accept it. Because I like to think of myself as someone who is open to new ideas and innovative, I will grab the opportunity when it comes.

In your opinion, can you make a difference in people’s lives both on and off the field? In other words, combining the worlds of fashion and football?

Yes. The fact that more and more people, especially in the football world, are using their right to express themselves is fantastic. The foundation that our ancestors laid allows us to express ourselves and show the world the kind of people we are.

His entrance at the training area in an adidas Liverpool Retro shirt will be eagerly anticipated by everyone.

It sounds awesome to me! The moment is almost here when I will definitely do that.

The partnership between Adidas and Liverpool dates back many years. Your contributions to this community are known all across the world. Would you be interested in collaborating with the brand to implement recommendations that benefit this community?

Definitely, I think so. We have a lot of potential, and we will definitely talk about it more later. I am cognizant of the fact that the firm has been an innovator in this space and has enhanced human flourishing via a plethora of monumental worldwide projects. Even the smallest of influences can have a significant impact on people. If we are able to accomplish our common goal as a group, we will have made a difference in the world.