Firmino and the impregnable position at Liverpool

Coach Jurgen Klopp personally confirmed Roberto Firmino will stay at Anfield and he has every reason to do so.

Liverpool began the new season with a 3-1 win over Manchester City. Many things were confirmed by The Kop during this match.

The media focused on Darwin Nunez, the player who emerged as the game’s standout in the final 30 minutes. However, Roberto Firmino is another name that should be mentioned. The number 9’s play has never drawn attention, but its significance does.

Jurgen Klopp can be confident about the attack. Firmino will stay with “The Kop” and strive for new heights. He also contributes significantly to the costly contract known as Nunez.


Successful test at Community Shield

Man City delighted fans by including Erling Haaland in the starting lineup for the match at King Power Stadium. Nunez, on the other hand, only appeared on the bench. Roberto Firmino remains a familiar face at the heart of Liverpool’s attack.


Klopp’s decision is explained by what is happening on the field. Haaland faced numerous challenges prior to the dense and high-intensity pressing system. Despite playing the entire game, the Norwegian striker only had 16 touches of the ball.

The quality of Haaland in each phase remains high, but Man City cannot attack as smoothly as usual. “He had a valuable experience in the new environment,” Pep said after the game.

The cost of the experience is that Haaland is imprisoned. Firmino, on the other hand, isn’t.


The Brazilian striker’s knowledge of his opponent allows him to showcase the skills that define his brand. Firmino is very active, as evidenced by his presence in many hot spots, actively competing and contributing to the overall play. Firmino had 1 shot, 1 chance to score a goal, and a passing accuracy rate of approximately 90% after 60 minutes on the field.

Klopp decided to play Nunez in place of Firmino, and Man City’s defense did not have time to adjust. When there is a tall guy “hanging in the box,” “The Kop’s” attacking play changes.

Nunez’s touches in the 16.50 m area then led to Liverpool’s two goals. When the Uruguayan striker converted a penalty and scored directly, he dispelled any doubts. The cost of the experience is that Haaland is imprisoned. Firmino, on the other hand, isn’t.


Aside from the first title of the season, Klopp has resolved the Firmino or Nunez issue. The two most popular types of strikers today are in the hands of the German strategist, and each is extremely talented in their own right.

Firmino is the model for the concept of a virtual number 9, with the role of connecting the gameplay, moving smartly, supporting the surrounding satellites, and still ensuring a sufficient number of goals. Nunez, on the other hand, excels at air combat, finishing, pressing, and building walls. With this pair of South American forwards, Liverpool can diversify their attacking play.

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