Following Real’s European Super Cup victory, Hazard’s future is decided

For the fourth time since arriving in Madrid, the Belgian was unable to participate in a championship match.

Eden Hazard, a Belgian, started off strong in preseason, but for now he will have to wait to show his progress in the real fire since he once again did not participate in a final with the white team’s shirt. The season for Real Madrid officially began in Helsinki (Finland) with the European Football Super Cup won against Eintracht Frankfurt (2-0). 

And it is because of the player’s ongoing injuries and poor performance—who arrived from Chelsea established as one of the best footballers in the world—that June 13, 2019, when the Madrid player known as “7” was introduced to his new fans and assured that he was fulfilling “a dream,” has come to nothing. 


In 66 appearances over three seasons as a madridista, he has a balance of six goals and 10 assists. The 14 injuries he has sustained provide the reason, with particular emphasis on the ankle injury he sustained on November 26, 2019, which led to the osteosynthesis plate being inserted in his right foot but left him with no comfort. 

The Belgian was unable to keep up. No matter what he tried, the irritations persisted, which was something he had never experienced in his career. Because of this, on March 29, he decided enough was enough, had the plaque removed, and tried to start a new sports career; he wished he did not have to hide from the Cibeles celebration after winning the 14th Champions League. 


“Madridistas, I’ve lived here for three years with several ailments and injuries. But I’ll go all out for you the next year “, Hazard reassured the maddening Madrid supporters, who saw a cue to start believing in him once more in every word and action.

The first to do so is his coach, the Italian Carlo Ancelotti, who has ‘created’ a new position for the Belgian player called false ‘9’ in light of the fact that Vinicius of Brazil is unquestionably the best player on the left side, where Hazard has traditionally done better. 


For “Carletto,” Benzema’s replacement when he is unavailable due to rest or injury is Hazard. However, this could have an adverse effect against Eintracht Frankfurt since the Frenchman played the entire match and Hazard was not one of the options to replace another player. Mario is still in the squad, but Real Madrid is looking for a way out for him. 

Four finals have been played by the white team since his arrival. The first came when he defeated Atlético Madrid in the 2020 Spanish Super Cup while still recovering from Meunier’s tackle. Ancelotti did not select him to enter off the bench in the next two, last season’s Spanish Super Cup and Champions League, therefore he was also excluded from both games. 


Ancelotti knew going into Sunday’s match against Almera in Real Madrid’s opening LaLiga Santander game that there would be rotations, and that’s where the Belgian may have his moment. 

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