Football Fans Talk About Owing Jungkook An Apology After Hearing World Cup 2022 Song, Dreamers

Before the song was made available on Spotify and before Jungkook was named as one of the singers to perform the World Cup theme song, he faced a lot of backlash for not being the right fit. World Cup atmosphere However, as soon as the song Dreamers Һit the airwaves, soccer fans began to simultaneously apologize to Jungkook for their crush on him.

Following the performance of Dreamers by Jungkook, the following is how internet users and football fans reacted:

Jungkook will perform during the opening ceremony alongside other well-known individuals, including American rapper Lil Baby, who just released the World Cup song “The World is Yours to,” according to the announcement made by the World Cup host a few weeks ago. Take”. For the first time since 1998, Jungkook created history by performing in the opening ceremony of the 2018 World Cup as a solo vocalist.

One of the four title tracks is also performed by Jungkook, who is another performer. Famous Canadian actress Nora Fatehi will also perform one of the World Cup’s theme songs, “Light The Sky,” in addition to Dreamers and The World is Yours to Take. The song “Tukoh Taka” is a different World Cup-related song.

Before, it was claimed that the melodies of these songs weren’t as catchy and appealing as the World Cup theme song from prior years. Even FIFA was requested by many football supporters to send Shakira back to perform World Cup songs. A portion of the audience specifically chastised Jungkook for believing that a K-pop singer couldn’t produce a Һit for the World Cup.

But today’s formal publication of Dreamers elicited quite different responses from online users and football fans. They simultaneously expressed regret for criticizing Jungkook prior to hearing this song.

Fans of the monarch sport have bowed their heads in awe at “Dreamers'” lively song and heartwarming words. They lauded the song’s greatness and frequently expressed suгргιse at Jungkook’s vocals:

– I’m not even a stan but this is as good as the iconic ‘waka waka’dreamer simply

– Not a bts fan but this song kinda ate, might have to dig into jungkook and bts discography

– This is probably the greatest ever world cup song of all time for me Jungkook is up there as one of the greatest artists of our generation BTS army were right all along

– all the praises and supportive words and love from non fans, football fans and locals to jungkook’s dreamers is everything to me. them saying that jungkook saved the world cup and made the best song… he deserves this sm i‘m so happy

– Locals and football fans praising Jungkook DREAMERS literally seen videos and posts praising tiktok, twt, fb…


– All Football fans to JUNGKOOK and BTS

– football fans and locals falling inlove with jungkook’s voice and praising him is making me emotional

– The amount of praises jungkook getting from locals and football fans like he deserve!!! im so proud of him

– The positive feedback from football fans and locals of Jungkook’s song dreamers is making me proud and happy. They said this is a rеal FIFA song and continued to praise his voice and the meaning of the song.

Without a doubt, Jungkook created the most outstanding Һit of the Qatar 2022 World Cup and followed in Shakira’s footsteps when creating a jubilant World Cup atmosphere through his music. So proud to see Jungkook making others regret their initial judgments of him! He deserves so much more.

Next, let’s cheer for Jungkook at the opening ceremony of the World Cup at Al Bayt, a 60,000-capacity stadium. With the promise of Qatar when using technology to create a party of lights, sounds and images, promises to bring the most spectacular opening day in history and send a welcoming message to fans around the world. world, Jungkook will surely make the performance legendary.