‘For sure’: Zabaleta claims countryman is likely to leave his club, amid Liverpool interest

The Manchester City star praised the 21-year-old player during an appearance on Match of the Day ahead of his country’s last group game, which will take place against Poland. He made the comments in reference to the player’s remarkable exploits in Qatar.

Zabaleta expressed his delight at Fernandez’s decision to play for Argentina, saying, “I am extremely thrilled about this.”

“He came off the bench and was one of Argentina’s finest players; he’s been pretty good in both games.” “He’s been really good in both games.”He is a young player, having just turned 21 years old, and he has been outstanding for Benfica. I have no doubt that he will sign with a major club the summer after next.

“However, he have a vision. He is intelligent. His passing and shooting ability is excellent, and he puts forth a solid effort on the court. He has the ability to play the number four position in front of that back four, as well as the number eight position.

The Reds reportedly have their sights set on signing the kid to a contract at Anfield.

Despite this, Record asserts that Manchester United are now competing alongside them.

According to Zabaleta, Fernandez, who has been linked to Liverpool, will depart next summer.Following the young player’s outstanding performances in Qatar, there is sure to be a lot of talk about him after the World Cup, where he had already generated a lot of heated speculation before the tournament.

Fernandez, who is only 21 years old, has quickly established himself as one of the most exciting possibilities in European football, and with good reason.

This season in the Champions League, the midfielder contributed an assist for Benfica, and he showed that he is capable of performing well under pressure by assisting on goals scored against Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus.

Because of this, Liverpool has included him on their list of players they would like to acquire in the future.Having said that, this does come with one very significant difficulty, and that is the cost.

According to Fabrizio Romano, Fernandez’s Benfica contract includes a release clause in the amount of £103 ᴍɪʟʟɪᴏɴ.

O Jogo list Anfield as a possible destination for the midfielder during the summer of 2019, despite the fact that this precludes a move during the winter transfer window.

This could turn out to be troublesome for Julian Ward, given that the Reds want to sign Jude Bellingham for a salary that is comparable to his own.

One Liverpool coach hails Jurgen Klopp for how he used Caoimhín Kelleher in 2022. The goalkeeper has had a breakout year.

After 2022, Caoimhn Kelleher had established himself at Liverpool with a respectable reputation. They had faith in him for certain games, and they had high hopes for his career moving forward. Before this year, that reputation did not really spread beyond the confines of Anfield, but that has completely changed.

Kelleher is now recognized as an outstanding no. 2, and even though it is highly unlikely that he will displace Alisson in the near future, he holds a position in the game. That was decided in large part by the EFL Cup final.

Jurgen Klopp made the decision to play the Irishman throughout the competition and then continued to do so against Chelsea in the championship game. Very few people would have objected if Alisson had been given the opportunity to play, but the manager of Liverpool decided to put his faith in Kelleher instead.

After that, he obviously came through as the hero by scoring and making saves in the penalty shootout so that they could win the cup. Alex Inglethorpe, the manager of the Academy, reflects on the last year and expresses his admiration for Jurgen Klopp.

In an interview with the Liverpool Echo, he stated that “the manager has shown incredible faith in the players by putting them out in pivotal games.” “We demonstrated that to the fullest extent possible by starting Caoimhin in the Carabao Cup final.

“An awful lot of other managers might have said, ‘thanks for getting us to this point, now Alisson is playing,’ but it was an amazing nod to not only the Academy and Caoimhin but also to what the club should be about,” said the manager.Caoimhín Kelleher in 2022So, what are some of the next steps for Kelleher? This is the most important question that he and Liverpool must answer. It is undeniable that he is of Premier League standard and that he is good enough to participate in games of a significant magnitude.

In point of fact, he appears to be a capable goalkeeper for the Champions League as well.However, Alisson may continue to serve as Liverpool’s primary goalkeeper for the next five or six years. Although it is difficult to predict how goalkeepers will age, he certainly does not show any signs of slowing down at all.

Is that a sufficient amount of time for Kelleher? To tell you the truth, probably not. He is now 24 years old and likely will not be content to sit on the bench for much longer. At some point, probably in the summer of 2019, Liverpool will be forced to make a difficult choice.