Forget Miami Heat, Damian Lillard enjoys his birthday vacation

At a certain point you realize we spend too much time stressing over life happening… and too little time just being in the moment enough to truly appreciate it… this weekend I did that… I plan on making a habit of that. Word on the street this my Jesus year

Blazers’ Damian Lillard birthday tribute has fans demanding to trade disgruntled star

Fans of the Portland Trail Blazers appear to be prepared to let go of Damian Lillard. On Saturday night, the Blazers simply tweeted a happy birthday to Lillard, who is now 33 years old. However, the supporters mocked the gesture as they awaited the outcome of their team’s negotiations with the Miami Heat to acquire him. The Lillard predicament, according to one Twitter user going by the handle Mortgage Pro, is awkward enough to occur on his birthday.

Then, as a birthday present for Lillard, Portland should finalize the deal, tweeted “Hoops Junkie” user Gerard Papa. Additional tweet replies to the greeting repeated this request. Then, according to a particular SoFlo Sports News, Lillard could only truly celebrate his birthday if the Heat and Blazers successfully consummate the alleged trade. Even the online sportsbook Draft Kings has heard about the potential Damian Lillard trade and tweeted, “It’s only a matter of time.” Of course, supporters of other teams continue to hold out hope that Lillard may reconsider his decision and consider being traded to another team, just like this 76ers fan from Philadelphia. Another fan later tweeted that Lillard could only be moved to the Utah Jazz or the Oklahoma City Thunder while posing as a member of the Blazers’ executive office.

Another person suggested this amusing trade: the Detroit Pistons in exchange for tickets to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour concert tour. Some Portland supporters, including Andre Matteson, expressed sincere compliments to Lillard despite the alleged “dog show.” Matteson stated in a tweet that he would continue to respect Lillard. The best trade deal that would send Lillard’s skills to South Beach is still being negotiated by the Heat and the Blazers.