Former Man Utd goalkeeper claims the ‘Red Devils’ have betrayed him

Dean Henderson, the goalkeeper, has spoken openly about his time last season sitting on the bench at MU

Dean Henderson, a goalkeeper, has officially joined Nottingham Forest, a newcomer to the Premier League. The one-year loan agreement aids the English goalkeeper in leaving behind the double life while filling in for De Gea at MU.

Dean Henderson opened out about his challenging year at MU after joining the new club. Henderson even accused MU of betraying his word by refusing to allow him to succeed De Gea as the club’s starting goalkeeper. Henderson referred to what MU handed him last season as “crime” in his description.


In a talkSPORT interview, Henderson vented his annoyance: “Sincerely, last season was the most trying time of my professional life. I had to accept that things didn’t turn out as I had hoped. It wasn’t simple. They assured me that I would take De Gea’s place in the starting lineup. Then I got disease , and things didn’t turn out as expected.”

“Even worse was the fact that the club rejected every loan offer I ever got. I was held and placed on a bench. It was actually illegal. I was furious. At that time, I was irate. Thankfully, it’s over and I was able to overcome these obstacles, “Henderson threw in.


Henderson also disclosed in the interview that he resisted leaving the new coach Erik Ten Hag’s practices and team talks: “I do not like to exercise with Erik. Because he’ll probably find a method to go about again. maintain me at the club. I want to depart and need to play frequently. I don’t want to continue being a backup goalkeeper here.”

Due to Dean Henderson’s departure, Tom Heaton will be the sole goalkeeper available to MU as a De Gea backup for the upcoming season.

Former Tottenham midfielder joins Manchester United.

Tom Huddlestone joined the Red Devils Academy as a competition coach before the 2022–2023 season, and David Hughes joined as a coach for the Professional Development Phase at Manchester United.

Huddlestone, a 35-year-old former Tottenham midfielder, will oversee practices and set daily standards on and off the field for Man Utd’s young team. Huddlestone has undergone a medical assessment and will occasionally participate in under-21 matches.

Huddlestone made over 550 professional appearances, including 242 in the Premier League, and will pass on his expertise and exceptional skill to a new generation of Man Utd Academy players.


David Hughes, meanwhile, has held a number of important jobs in youth football, most recently serving as Cardiff City’s academy director after serving as Southampton’s head of player development and head coach of the Under-18s at Aston Villa.


“We are incredibly happy to have both Tom and David to our roster of best-in-class instructors, working throughout the Professional Development Phase,” Academy Director Nick Cox stated.

The unconventional strategy we used to select a talented coach for last season was a success and benefited the entire Academy.

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