Freddie Freeman Explains New Dodgers Dance Celebration

In the past few seasons, the Los Angeles Dodgers have celebrated by making a Mickey Mouse ears gesture, blowing bubbles in the dugout and clubhouse, referencing a scene from “The Wolf of Wall Street,” making a pepper grinder motion, splashing water on their faces, and now dancing on the bases.

On Friday, when the Dodgers beat the Texas Rangers 11–5, they stretched their arms up and moved quickly back and forth. Some of the Dodgers who were most excited about their new party were Freddie Freeman, Mookie Betts, and Yonny Hernández.

Max Muncy and Will Smith seemed a little less eager to join in, but they did so with sheepish smiles on their faces.



After the win, Freeman told SportsNet LA that the dancing came from a video of him dancing to Usher at the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation Blue Diamond Gala.

“Well, I think everyone at the Gala saw how I danced. A lot of people talked about that on the Internet. The boys have been wanting to do this for a while because my hands were up. We didn’t decide to add it to the game until we had a day off and were all at (Max) Muncy’s house last night for his daughter’s birthday party.

“Of course, it was me who had to do it first. We’re having fun. It was the dance that I did at the Gala. That’s what we’re doing now with extra-base hits. This isn’t what I did. All the boys, including Mookie, wanted to do it, so here we are. “The second base dance.”

After the first six innings, which were very close, Freeman and the Dodgers had a lot to cheer about as they began to pull away.

After Corey Seager’s home run gave the Rangers a 5-4 lead, the Dodgers scored seven straight runs to take the lead. Freeman went 2-for-4, walked twice, and tied J.D. Martinez for the most RBI in the game with three.

Before Freeman’s dance moves inspired a new Dodgers party, players used David Peralta’s “choo choo train” arm gesture and also made a motion with their hands that looked like they were pulling curtains open.

The Dodgers have chosen Freddie Freeman to dance.During interviews with from the blue carpet at the Blue Diamond Gala, several players picked Freeman when asked to choose a teammate to win a dance battle against Usher.

Miguel Rojas and Peralta were also popular choices.