‘Unеxpеctеd’ friendship: Jin’s special role in Jiyeon’s wedding, making bride laugh

Jiyeon and her husband are famous names, that’s why their wedding gathered guests all-stars A-list such as T-ara, IU, Lee Hongki (FT Island), Siwon – Donghae (Super Junior), the famous baseball player…

It is worth mentioning that when looking closely at the videos and photos from the wedding, netizens discovered an ᴜnexpected guest, which is the powerful male god Jin (BTS) . BTS’ eldest brother was extremely excited to watch the groom Hwang Jae Gyun dance for the bride, and enthusiastically took on the task of throwing confetti on the aisle. The audience was all suгргιseԀ because Jin and Jiyeon had never mentioned each other before, it seemed that there was no connection. It turned out that they were friends, even so close that Jin was invited by Jiyeon to his wedding.

Jin attentively used his phone to record the performance of the groom Hwang Jae Gyun. Behind him is IU excitedly “dancing” to the music

Jin also took on the task of throwing confetti on the aisle, making the bride Jiyeon also laugh. Looking from the back, you can also see the male god BTS standing out in the crowd of guests

Masks can’t cover the immense face of “global handsome”.

Jin even waved, making the bride Jiyeon laugh

Jiyeon debuted with T-ara of the 2nd generation Kpop, and Jin is the 3rd generation idol. Their group is also under 2 different companies, so few people think that they are close friends. BTS is a passionate fanboy of T-ara, but no one knows when Jin and Jiyeon’s friendship began. Before joining the army on December 13, Jin promptly went to congratulate his best friend on the big day.

No one knows that Jin and Jiyeon are close friends

Only when Jin appeared at Jiyeon’s wedding did the public know about their friendship