From fan to Rashford’s lover: Photo show the journey lucky big fangirl who became his lover

Marcus Rashford is seen as being rather private, especially when it comes to his personal life, especially when compared to his teammates at Manchester United and in England.

Thus, supporters usually pay close attention to the connection between Rashford and his girlfriend Lucia Loi.

The Sun claims that Lucia and Rashford had been together since they were both 15 years old.

When the aspiring footballer was still a member of the Manchester United youth team, they first met in the hallways of Ashton on Mersey School in Sale, Manchester.

As Rashford was promoted to Man United’s first team for the 2015–16 season, their romance came to an end. In a recent interview with The Sun, Lucia claimed, “At first I didn’t pay much attention to Rashford because at that time there were other boys that recognized me. The more I like him, the more I do. The graves in the realm of fog started to become aware of the two’s personal lives once they started dating. For the 2018 World Cup, Lucia was spotted flying to Russia with the well-known Three Lions WAGs to support her friend. Soon after, the pair was spotted riding jet skis together while on vacation in Barados. Their relationship was featured on the front page of various British publications right away.

The Manchester United forward invested £1.8 million in a magnificent six-bedroom house in Cheshire. Lucia relocated at the same time to live communally by blowing and sharing grains. The Covid-19 epidemic, however, brought about problems for their partnership. After placing the blame for their emotional rift on the blockade pressure in 2021, Marcus and Lucia briefly separated. Following that, they stayed in touch and remained friends.

About eight months after the breakup of their relationship, Rashford claimed they were back together earlier last year. It is anticipated that they will get back in touch before Christmas 2021. You should also be aware that Rashford rose to fame. In 2020, Lucia, a well-known figure in football, graduated from the University of Manchester with a bachelor’s degree in advertising and brand management. After serving as an intern at Pretty Little Thing and Social Chain Agency, she now enjoys a successful career in the PR sector.

Symbol of love

2022 will go down in Rashford and Lucia’s history.

The two not only made up, but also declared their love by getting engaged.

This might signal the start of their endless happiness.

In May of last year, while on vacation in Los Angeles, Rashford proposed to his girlfriend.

They’re on the moon, a close friend of Rashford’s told The Sun at the time.

This was something Rashford wanted to make distinctive.

He proposed to her while they were out on a date in Los Angeles.

After graduating from high school, Lucia has played a significant role in Rashford’s life by offering stability, a feeling of community, relativism, and assurance that are hard to get by in this society.

Everyone wishes them the best as they share this extremely important time.

It is clear enough given what is occurring how Rashford and Lucia’s emotional connection is growing. Of course, the time between becoming engaged and getting married might be cut short at any point. The Premier League as a whole, and specifically the Manchester United players, will consider this to be one of the most thrilling and eagerly awaited weddings.

Join Rashford in charitable endeavors.

Rashford and Lucia Loi have similar views about taking part in charitable endeavors.

By 2020, the pair wants to see free meals for the homeless in the UK.

Love to cook and love to travel

According to Lucia Loi, Rashford’s fiancee is passionate about cooking and loves to travel. Lucia even dreamed of becoming a famous chef when she was a 𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘥.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s harsh response to Mesut Ozil made Wayne Rooney want to leave Man Utd

Because of Sir Alex Ferguson’s criticism of Mesut Ozil, Wayne Rooney wanted to quit Manchester United.

Despite being turned down by Manchester United, Mesut Ozil declared his retirement from football after playing for teams like Real Madrid and Arsenal.

Mesut Ozil retired from professional football, but his legacy goes beyond his illustrious career’s black-and-white statistics.

At Manchester United, Wayne Rooney was eager to team up with Mesut Ozil.

The mysterious midfielder announced on Wednesday that he would hang up his boots at the age of 34.

After a disappointing run in Turkey, first with his old club Fenerbahce and most recently with Istanbul Basaksehir, Ozil announced his retirement from the sport.

In an emotional post to social media, the World Cup winner paid respect to each of his clubs: “I’ve had the luxury to play professional football for almost 17 years now and I feel immensely appreciative for the opportunity.

The championship trophy is held by Sir Alex Ferguson.

But it has been increasingly obvious in recent weeks and months that it is time to quit the major stage of football after also experiencing some injuries.

“It has been an incredible journey with of emotions and events I will never forget. I would want to express my gratitude to my teams, Schalke 04, Werder Bremen, Real Madrid, Arsenal FC, Fenerbahce, and Basaksehir, as well as the coaches who helped me and the teammates who have grown to be friends.

He leaves the game with a résumé that many of his professional contemporaries would be jealous of, including major victories in three different nations and the top award in world football. Nonetheless, there is a propensity for those who concentrate on the Premier League to condense his 18-year career to the eight years he spent with Arsenal.

He was one of the most entertaining players in the world when he moved to north London in 2013, and he would further cement that reputation at the World Cup in Brazil the following summer. It is said that despite being a part of four FA Cup-winning teams, he never fully adapted to the demands of the English top division.

At the age of 34, Ozil announced his retirement from football.

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, Ozil rose to prominence as the face of the criticism that Arsenal were all show and no substance despite his great talent. The Gunners gained a reputation for being easygoing during Arsene Wenger’s final years in charge, and the German coach was frequently and unfairly criticized for being absent when his club most needed him.

Therefore it’s fascinating to consider how people might have seen Ozil if he had chosen Manchester United rather than Arsenal. And if Wayne Rooney had gotten his way, that deal would have taken place.

Before Ozil joined Real Madrid in the summer of 2010, Sir Alex Ferguson asserts that a disgruntled Rooney gave him clear instructions to pursue the playmaker. “Wayne said that we should have followed Mesut Ozil, who had left Werder Bremen for Real Madrid. I responded that it wasn’t his concern who we should have chosen, Ferguson wrote in his book, which was published soon after he retired.

Rooney and Sir Alex Ferguson had differing views on Ozil joining Man Utd

“I told him it was his job to play and perform. My job was to pick the correct teams. And so far I had been getting it right.” Ferguson added: “Well, he was not on our radar at the time. Ozil when at Werder Bremen played wide right, then towards the end of the season played him off the front.

“He went to South Africa and did very well. But wasn’t on our radar. But I explained to Wayne and we get most of our decisions right.”

It was a brutɑl snub which resulted in a furious Rooney going public with his intention to leave Old Trafford. The England striker said the club were no longer matching his own ambitions and wouldn’t give him the assurances on the squad he wɑnted.

“During those meetings in August I asked for assurances about the continued ability of the club to attract the top players in the world,” he said in a statement. Rooney clearly placed Ozil in that bracket and the idea of the two players linking up in their peaks was a tantalising proꜱpect.

But Ferguson had the final sɑy – and it remɑins just that, a proꜱpect. The Scot will continue to ɑrgue he got more right than he did wrong.