From Teenage Dream to Musical Kingdom: Usher’s Remarkable Journey Home

Step inside the walls of Usher’s childhood haven, the extraordinary family home that became the foundation of his legendary career. Discover the remarkable story behind this iconic house, where dreams were nurtured, melodies were born, and a young talent laid the groundwork for superstardom.

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The singer of “U Remind Me” revealed in a 2003 episode of “How I’m Living” that he had dreamed of owning the house since he was thirteen years old.

Music producer L.A. Reid owned the house when Usher Raymond IV first saw it, as shown in the BET broadcast.

“Someday, I aspire to own a house like this,” the actress from “Moesha” thought, inspired by the dwelling.


With 8000 square feet, seven bedrooms, and eight and a half bathrooms, the house is quite large.

The Blast adds that the property has a private dance studio, a yoga studio, and a climate-controlled treehouse.


Usher spoke beautifully of the master bedroom in 2003, calling it “exquisite, yet profoundly cozy and seductive,” a reflection of his own style.

“This room really captures my essence,” he said.


The $4.2 million property owned by the musician in Los Angeles is up for sale. Regretfully, a break-in occurred on the property at the end of March. As per the article published on Tuesday by The Blast, the robbers succeeded in escaping with $820,000 worth of cash and jewels.

The robbers took considerable measures to avoid being caught, including stealing the security camera recordings from the estate so that it would be difficult to identify them.

Perched atop a hill with a view of Sunset Strip, this 4,261-square-foot estate features five bedrooms, four complete bathrooms, two half-bathrooms, and a cool pool area.