Gabe Vincent Spotted Courtside at LA’s 1st Summer League Game vs Miami

So far, former Miami Heat guard Gabe Vincent has been the biggest free agent acquisition for the Los Angeles Lakers. After contributing to the Heat’s run to the NBA Finals last year, Vincent signed a three-year, $33 million deal with the Lakers.

Vincent was seen during the first game of the NBA Summer League between his former squad and his current team.

Last year with the Heat, Vincent averaged 9.4 points per game and shot 33.4 percent from outside the arc. However, Vincent’s large new contract was a direct result of his journey to the NBA Finals. Vincent improved as soon as the room was illuminated. He increased his scoring average to 12.7 points and his three-point percentage to 37.8 in the postseason. Vincent’s performance was outstanding, and it ultimately led to his success.

The Heat wanted to keep Vincent, but they weren’t willing to pay more than a specific amount. He joined the Lakers, who are excited to have him as they chase championship number 18 next year.

How Blazers really feel about Heat’s Damian Lillard trade package

Damian Lillard would like nothing more than to leave the Portland Trail Blazers and join the Miami Heat. The seven-time All-Star will be disappointed to learn that this isn’t a Burger King. Although all indicators point to a trade occurring, that doesn’t necessarily imply Lillard will be sent to the Heat.

Lillard does not have the same leverage as Bradley Beal did when he decided not to join a mediocre team eager to rebuild and force a trade. The Blazers’ star is at the mercy of the front office without a no-trade clause or a short deal. While it would be great to help the team’s legend out by trading him to a playoff contender, the franchise has an obligation to maximize the return on any potential trade involving the player.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the Blazers’ primary focus is on maximizing the return they receive for Lillard.

The deal the Heat made for Dame, he adds, isn’t sitting well with Portland. According to Wojnarowski’s estimation, “this is likely gonna be a long process,” he remarked on SportsCenter. My guess is that Portland is fielding phone calls from clubs all throughout the league right now. Some people are genuine at first, displaying genuine curiosity, while others are merely passing through…I’ve heard that Portland is disappointed with Miami’s offerings. Even though the Heat are Damian Lillard’s preferred destination, the Blazers need to receive the most possible in return for their star player.