‘Give championship to Argentina now!’ Portugal star slams Argentinian referee for being ‘unfair’

After losing to Morocco by a score of 0-1 in the 42nd minute of the 11/12 match, Portugal was compelled to pull out of the quarterfinals and miss out on the chance to advance.

The division states that the semi-final match between Lionel Messi and his teammates and the victor of the quarter-final match between Portugal and Morocco will take place after the winner of the match between those two teams.

After their team’s loss to Morocco, a number of Portuguese players made public statements in which they implied that the Argentine referee team had purposefully tried to force them out of the tournament so that Lionel Messi and his teammates could win the 2022 World Cup.

Pepe stated after the quarterfinal match, “It’s true that we conceded an unexpected goal, but I have to say this: It’s unacceptable for an Argentinian referee to start the Portuguese match.” Pepe was referring to the fact that the referee started the match between Portugal and Argentina. At the Al Thumama Stadium, Morocco came out on top 1-0.

“Because the team that wins will play Argentina, I find it strange that Argentine referee Facundo Tello will be in charge of Portugal’s match,” you said. “Because of that, I find it perplexing.” – The center-back, who is 39 years old, continued, frustrated: “It’s completely absurd. As a result of what took place, as well as what Messi and the Argentine player said, an Argentine referee was appointed to our game. From this point forward, Argentina should be in a position to win the World Cup, in my opinion.”

Pepe expressed his dissatisfaction with the referee following his team’s loss to Morocco in the quarterfinals of the 2022 World Cup.

However, referee Tello did not blow the 11m whistle when the Portuguese player was also irritated by some contentious situations that occurred on the field.

The Video Assistant Referee team, which consisted of two Argentines, did not step in to resolve some of the situations in which Portugal asked for a penalty.

“There is not the slightest indication that they are contemplating fining us in any way. What else could I possibly say? This game has a total of five referees from Argentina working it. In my opinion, Argentina will emerge victorious. You need only wait. Whoever comes out on top will be the winner “- Pepe made a decision.

Bruno Fernandes, another member of Portugal’s team, echoed his senior’s sentiments when he said, “It’s strange that there is still a referee from the country whose team is competing for the championship in this round, while Portugal does not have a referee.”

The player for Manchester United also stated that the referees today lacked the experience and agility necessary to keep up with the pace of the game and handle situations effectively in a significant match because they were not involved in the Champions League.

“In the first half, there was no question that I should have been given a penalty. I was hemmed in on all sides and faced challenges. To tell you the truth, if I hadn’t been fouled, I never would have allowed myself to fall in front of a keeper when I had the chance to score. can score in that situation, “Additionally, Bruno Fernandes made a contribution.