Godfather Perez made a firm statement about Real’s transfer intentions

The president does not anticipate any more market fluctuations.

Speaking on Movistar after winning the European Super Cup, Florentino Pérez said: “We had a successful season, and we are eagerly anticipating the Super Cup. To advance to the finals and ultimately win them, we must first demonstrate merit. We have a terrific crew, and the work was completed “. 


The coach’s work


“We begin this new season, which kicks off on Sunday, with tremendous anticipation since Ancelotti leads this team really well and is a significant contributor to the success. Although this year has been successful for us and no one can be unsatisfied, we must continue to work; every day, we focus on the future “. 

Intended transfer

“We must continue to practice properly; Ancelotti has handled the team; at this time, we are not thinking about anything else.”

The Real Madrid president has essentially confirmed newspaper rumours that the Merengues would put off signing a frontline player until at least the winter.

The club is willing to sell Mariano in the interim. Today, Eden Hazard is seen as Benzema’s fallback option.

In place of Benzema 


“He won’t get sick, but even if he did, nobody would notice since we have so many strikers. Just have a peek at all of our strikers. Gold Award? I think he deserved it last year and much more so this year “. 

He is getting close to Bernabéu’s trophies

“I have just attempted to live up to what Santiago Bernabéu accomplished; he is the architect of current Real Madrid and will not be judged solely on the basis of championships. Winning is always great, but I don’t believe it’s worthwhile to compare “. 


“Barça… there are seasons when we all do better or worse, but Barça is one of the most significant institutions in the world, along with Madrid; it must revert to its previous state since doing so would benefit everyone and the game of soccer as a whole.” 

New Season


“While we are in a good position, we can’t win everything all the time, but we will keep working to continue satisfying our supporters.”

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