Good news: Erling Haaland won’t leave Man City

One national media outlet has been approached by representatives of Erling Haaland in order to dispel a rυmor that the 22-year-old was attempting to leave Manchester City with the assistance of a lawyer. The rυmor suggested that the player was looking to leave the club.

After City were charged for breaching financial laws, it was reported that Haaland requested his “lawyers” to locate an escape clause in his contract so that he could get out of it. These reports originated in Spain.

One major source that published the story was the Daily Express; however, after being approached by Haaland’s agents, the Daily Express has subsequently issued a retraction on their coverage of the incident. They have since stated that the rυmor was “not accurate,” and the original story has been removed.

The Norwegian international may be dissatisfied with his team’s play, since City has lost three of their last eight league games, but he has no intention of leaving the club in order to take advantage of a legal loophole and find a new team.

Due to the fαct that Haaland still has four and a half years left on his contract, his current salary of £375k per week and annual salary of £19.5m could go to £850k per week and annual salary of £45m with bonuses, but only a select few clubs could afford him. In retrospect, it is clear that the account provided by Defensa Central ought to have been taken with a grain of salt.