Good news: UEFA ‘allow’ Qatari investors to buy Man United, ignore PSG

The most recent rumors from the Daily Mail suggest that this is the case, and developments about the possible sale of Old Trafford are currently in full flow.

As a result of the appearance of five serious possible purchasers, the cutoff date for opening bids has been established for Friday, the 17th of February.

It was reported earlier in the week that an investment group from Qatar is getting ready to make an offer that will “blσw all competition out of the water” when it comes to purchasing the English club.

However, Qatar Sports Investments’ ownership of French club PSG appeared to present a cσnflict of interest for Manchester United because of the possibility that the English club would compete against the Ligue 1 team in European football. The UEFA ruling, which is intended to protect the credibility of the Champions League and the Europa League, states that “no club participating in UEFA club competitions may…hold or deal securities or shares in any other club participating” and that “no club participating in UEFA club competitions may be involved in any capacity whatsoever in the management, administration, and/or sporting performance of any other club participating.” [Clubs] may not hold or deal securities or shares in any other club participating.]

Because of the firm grasp that the royal family has on the country’s riches, Sheikh Tamim, who is the Emir of Qatar, would be connected to any proposal that came from the state. However, the Club Financial Control Body of UEFA, which is in charge of regulating tournaments, will most likely decide that dual ownership is acceptable so long as one criteria is satisfied.

Sheikh Tamim would have to play a symbolic role while maintaining a hands-off management style, because the two organizations have separate management and unique corporate structures that prevent them from working together. This decision has already been put to the test in the past when UEFA decided to let both RB Leipzig and RB Salzburg compete in the Champions League despite the fαct that both clubs are funded by the same company, Red Bull, which produces energy drinks.

It was also mentioned that the possibility of Qatari money being used to reconstruct Old Trafford and regenerate the land around it will offer significant political momentum in the United Kingdom, as this would be a primary objective of the government in terms of leveling up neighborhoods.

Qatar does not have any interest in purchasing a minority ownership in the Manchester club, and they are certain that their offer will prevail over the competition. In addition to modernizing the training facility, they would have plans to reconstruct the Theatre of Dreams, which may add another £1.2 billiσn to the initial investment they made.