‘He did well, and this year he will be a key member of the team’

In the press conference after the 2-1 win over Almeria in the opening round of La Liga, Coach Ancelotti was especially impressed with Hazard.

After three seasons at the Bernabeu, because of constant injuries, Hazard made 66 appearances for the Royal Spanish team, contributing 6 goals and 10 assists. Last season, the Belgian player played 16 matches, scoring 1 goal.

Coach Ancelotti plans to let the Belgian striker play in a new position and somewhat ease the burden on Karim Benzema, the star will turn 35 in December. In a recent statement, Hazard said: “Three years In the past, I was constantly injured and affected by many other things, but now everything is fine.”


Hazard can be arranged to play in the virtual “9” position in the 2022/23 season. The idea of ​​coach Ancelotti is to take advantage of this player’s slick dribbling ability to disrupt the opponent’s defense and create space for the surrounding satellites.

Hazard of 2022 is different. The image of a player with a big belly like when he first joined Real Madrid is no longer there. The former Chelsea star’s figure is now slimmer. The positive signal shows that the number 7 is ready and more serious with new goals.


Since joining Real Madrid, Hazard has played 66 games, scored 6 goals and won 6 trophies. A statistic that makes people mock the 31-year-old star more than admire. Madridistas joked that Hazard was too expensive. Real Madrid have to spend a huge amount of money just in exchange for the Belgian midfielder to play.

Hazard borrowed time and patience at Madrid for too long. And season 2022/23 is when he explodes. Only with super performances like when he was wearing Chelsea shirt, Eden (Hazard) conquered the land of bulls, and smashed the doubts about himself.


Eden Hazard played against Almeria for the first time this year after being brought on as a substitute in the second half. Carlo Ancelotti gave his performance some feedback following the game.


The Real Madrid coach stated, “He performed a wonderful job in confined areas, he’s working well, and he will have his moment this season.

Ancelotti stated earlier this summer that he intended to utilize Hazard’s flexibility. The Belgian played tonight as a right winger, which was a really unusual position for him.

This year, Eden should see increased playing time.

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