Kanye West spends over $5 million on a new house adjacent to Kim Kardashian’s mansion: includes a billiard room and a massive rooftop terrace

Kanye West recently made headlines after reportedly splurging over $5 million on a new property neighboring Kim Kardashian’s mansion. This significant purchase comes amid the ongoing divorce proceedings between the former celebrity couple.

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The new house boasts luxurious features, including a billiard room and a sprawling rooftop terrace, providing ample space for relaxation and entertainment. The proximity of the new residence to Kim’s estate raises speculation about Kanye’s intentions and the dynamics of their post-divorce relationship.

According to the New York Post on December 27, two months after Kim Kardashian officially transferred the shared villa into property in her name, Kanye West bought a new house right across the street. The private homes of these two philanthropic stars are located in the Hidden Hills area of ​​Los Angeles (USA).

While details about the property’s interior design and specific amenities remain undisclosed, the hefty price tag and desirable features indicate Kanye’s commitment to maintaining a lavish lifestyle even amidst personal transitions. This acquisition fuels public curiosity about the interactions and arrangements between Kanye and Kim as they navigate their separate lives while remaining intertwined due to their shared history and children.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian filed for divorce earlier this year after unsuccessful attempts to reconcile. However, both still publicly support each other’s activities and agree to share the responsibility of taking care of their four children together. Recently, the star born in 1977 continuously held on to his ex-wife, hoping she would return to him but in vain. Although singer Donda expressed his desire to heal the family, a source from the New York Post said the rapper bought a house because he wanted to have more time with the children. “It’s a simple thing for him to be close to his children and be able to be with them in the shortest possible time,” this person revealed.

Meanwhile, People quoted a separate source: “Kanye only bought that house because of its location. This location is near Kim and the kids. He also has plans for this property and is planning to upgrade as soon as possible. The new home will be a family-friendly place, he wants his children to be able to visit as much as possible.”