Here are the secrets worth watching in Taylor Swift’s million-view MV

Surely fans with "owl" eyes will recognize the surprise in the MV of more than 40 million views of the American "snake girl".

Up to now, after more than 24 hours of being published, Taylor Swift’s single “Look What You Make Me Do” MV has reached 40.7 million views on YouTube’s video sharing site.


In this latest music product of Swift’s “snake girl”, discerning fans will realize that there are countless familiar images that create a true work of art that not everyone can easily recognize. out.


At the beginning of the MV is an image in a cemetery, on a tombstone the words “Nils Sjoberg” appear. This is Taylor Swift’s pseudonym when she co-wrote the song  This Is What You Came For  with ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris.


The image of Taylor in the graveyard wearing the same blue dress she wore in the MV Out of the Woods.


While the dress Taylor wore at the grave was discovered by keen fans, this is the outfit she wore at the  Met Gala 2014 stage.


The footage of Taylor sitting in a bathtub covered in jewelry reminds fans of her famous quote from 2015: “The media is portraying me as someone sitting at home and crying in the bathroom. pearl bath”.


Taylor’s media image in the MV is said to be inspired by her own image in MV Blank Space  (left), similar to her hairstyle, makeup, and jewelry.


In the jewelry bath appeared only a 1  USD coin, which is believed to be related to the 1  USD lawsuit against David Mueller after he groped Taylor’s third round at an event in 2013.


Taylor Swift also wears a lot of snake jewelry for the duration of the video, which is what people often call her “snake girl”.


When zooming in on the throne platform where Taylor rests his hand, there is a tiny inscription “Et Tu Brute”. This is a quote from the work  Julius Caesar  by the great English writer Shakespeare. When he was stabbed to death, Caesar discovered that he had been betrayed by his close friend Brutus. This detail makes many people think that Taylor is intentionally “swiping” Katty Perry when she was betrayed by this female singer after the song  Bad Blood.


And yet, Shakespeare’s quote also appears on two pillars in the same scene.


The leopard in Taylor’s gilded car wears a necklace of 13, the singer’s lucky number. This number 13 also appears many times in her new MV.


This image is also reminiscent of how people used to call Taylor Swift “cat girl”.


The shirt, which reads “Blind for Love,” is a reference to Taylor’s fleeting romances with dozens of guys in her thick past.


In one scene, Taylor dances with the male dancers and they are all wearing T-shirts that say  “I ❤️ TS” exactly like the words on the tank top that her ex Tom Hiddleston wore last year.


And the number of 8 male dancers also coincides with Taylor’s 8 lovers, such as Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Conor Kennedy, Harry Styles, Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston.


The image of her standing on the mountain of people is equally remarkable because when zoomed in, it will be clear that the human bodies are old and frail Taylors, wearing the same costumes that she wore during her singing career. via.


The list of friends in Taylor’s Tumblr account in the MV (right) are her close friends and appeared on the shirt she wore in the MV You Belong With Me.


The scene of Taylor sawing the plane’s wings as a metaphor for the media and those who don’t like her always find ways to prevent the singer from spreading her wings and wanting to be herself.


The tail of the plane will clearly have the words “TS6”, the acronym Taylor’s fans often use to refer to her upcoming album during the past 2 years.


In the last 40 seconds of the MV is really the most noticeable symbol. 15 versions of Taylor standing in front of the fuselage with the words  Reputation. This is also the name of her upcoming new album with 15 songs.


Of the 15 versions of Taylor, the young lady says to the dead Taylor, “What happened to this bitch?”, to which Taylor replies, “Don’t call me that.” This line is said to be a reference to how black rapper Kanye called Taylor “a bitch” in his song  Famous  before, even though Taylor asked him not to call her that.

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