Here’re Lisa Blackpink’s true personality through interactions with fans

Blackpink's Lisa is known for her incredible performances and charisma but what makes her more popular is her unusual personality.

Lisa’s 15 moments of interaction with BLINK prove that despite the flashy surroundings, Lisa deep inside is a pure and humble heart.

1. In the midst of her work with Bulgari, Lisa takes the time to express her deep gratitude and love for the fans waiting outside.

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2. This BLINK doesn’t let anything stop him from appreciating Blackpink and Lisa shed tears for his love and dedication to the group.

3. On the streets of France or wherever Lisa goes, a hug and a conversation between idols and fans can always happen.

4. Even though Lisa couldn’t see the BLINKs up close, she did her best and spent time by the airport window just to greet them.

5. Lisa is the type of idol who is always full of love for fans as much as their love for her.

6. No matter how busy or urgent, Lisa still makes time to interact with BLINKs.

7. The intense love that Lisa has for her fans is evident from her eyes.

8. Lisa always tries to interact with her fans and listen to what they have to say.

9. Every gift for Lisa is cherished by her.

10. We love the photos but the genuine conversations between the fansite owners and Lisa say a lot about their support for her.

11. Lisa made sure to interact with all the BLINKs at the fansign, even if they weren’t right in front of her.

12. Lisa won’t stop giving her love to her fans until she’s too far away to see them.

13. Lisa’s happy dance steps after receiving a gift of cat Leo from a fan and this is the best reaction that BLINKs can see.

14. Lisa and all of Blackpink dressed up as KRUNK (YG’s mascot bear) to get closer to fans before their concert.

15. Lisa definitely gives the warmest hugs.

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