Here’s how Jisoo (BLACKPINK) cleverly mixes clothes to cover her ‘bread waist’ and chuppy biceps

Jisoo is not the member with the best body in BLACKPINK, but she has a secret to dressing up to hide all her flaws.

However, she still confidently showed off her figure in front of the camera despite her body defects. Every time she appears, Jisoo still makes people flutter with simple outfits that flatter her figure, all thanks to the secret to dressing her with a rough waist and big biceps, which will be revealed shortly.

The biggest disadvantage of girls with a “bread” waist is that it is difficult to wear designs that are too tight or cut too much. Therefore, Jisoo’s daily fashion is mostly basic items. Although it is a normal outfit, but because of the “high-handed” coordination mindset, the beauty born in 1995 always scores absolute points in the street style category.

Let’s take a look at some outstanding outfits of the group’s visual  BLACKPINK:

In order to hide the less slender waist, Jisoo’s outfits always have the presence of coats. She often chooses a cardigan or a thin sweater as the outermost layer. Thus, you can both confidently wear clothes that flatter your figure but also reduce the flaws of your rough waist.


Dressed in a thin T-shirt with a skirt, so as not to reveal her waist, she added a thin cardigan.


The knitted waistcoat helped the shirt underneath look more accentuated at the waist.


She often wears a shirt when wearing items that are too close to her body.

In addition, Jisoo also gives preference to spacious items such as shirts and blouses to reduce attention on the waist and biceps.


Sleeveless tops can help reduce the area of the biceps, increase the ratio of shoulder width, while covering the big biceps and creating the impression of a smaller waist.


Jisoo often chooses a loose shirt to cover her body flaws.


Black clothes are always “honest” of girls with a rough figure. You can comfortably wear tight black clothes without fear of revealing belly fat. Besides, black also creates elegance, suitable for most different events.


Jisoo delicately chose a long-sleeved off-the-shoulder top, which not only helps to reduce the area of ​​hands but also shows off her charming shoulders.


Black dress “little black dress” always creates a sense of charm, personality and mystery. In the photo, Jisoo chooses an angled skirt that flatters her body, showing off her long and smooth legs while focusing attention on her waist.


Black skirt is always the optimal choice for girls with a “bread” waist.

“Elder sister” BLACKPINK also loves the combo of cardigan and high-waisted jeans. Choose colorful shirts to help her look more dynamic and youthful. The thick material of the sweater also helps her cleverly cover the “fat baby” disadvantage.



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