Here’s the girl group confirmed by HYBE to be ON PAR with BLACKPINK

Previously, the group was confirmed by the official  HYBE to be comparable to BLACKPINK under YG Entertainment.

ADOR (subsidiary of HYBE Labels, led by former SM brand manager – Min Heejin) officially revealed rookie NEWJEANS after many hints. Having just been “teased”, the girl group has won the attention of the public. Previously, the group was confirmed by the official  HYBE to be comparable to BLACKPINK under YG Entertainment.


The HYBE girl group officially debuted to the public. (Photo:  HYBE Corporation)

The rookie group is called  NEWJEANS. This is a collection of 5 members including Hani, Danielle, Minji, Haerin and Hyein. The group made a grand debut with the song  Attention, along with a music video filmed in Spain.


Visual 5 members of New Jeans were criticized for being faded and lacking in impression. (Photo:  HYBE Corporation)

In particular, member Hani was born in 2004. In particular, there are rumors that  she is a Vietnamese trainee. Next, Korean-Australian Danielle real name is Mo Jihye, born in 2005. Next, Minji born in 2004 is quite familiar to K-pop fans when she trained at JYP and Source Music.


Hani attracts attention as a girl from Vietnam. (Photo:  HYBE Corporation)


Minji is a former JYP trainee. (Photo:  HYBE Corporation)


Danielle has a hybrid beauty with big eyes and a high nose.(Photo:  HYBE Corporation)

Haerin attracts attention with her pure beauty as a Korean female idol   born in 2006, who can speak English fluently. Finally, the youngest Hyein was born in 2008, born and raised in Korea. She attracts attention thanks to her attractive aura. This is because Hyein started modeling at the age of 8.


Haerin’s visual is the most noticed by the public. (Photo:  HYBE Corporation)


Hyein is the youngest, but she has the most mature, mature look. (Photo:  HYBE Corporation)

Looking at the series of photos of the girls, netizens commented that the visuals are still lackluster and have not really made a deep impression. Besides, many people think that the girl group is too young to exude the aura of an idol.

Many people find that the group’s visuals are not too prominent.

Besides, people also “digged” the previous statements of Mrs. Min Heejin. In 2019, at the show  You Quiz on the Block, Min Hee Jin of HYBE said: “I am extremely confident with my new girl group. The group’s debut song was prepared 2 years ago. The group will definitely bring a different breath of life in the current K-pop industry.” The HYBE official also revealed that this rookie is expected because he has the same appearance and skills as BLACKPINK.

Netizens talked about the fact that New Jeans was once compared to BLACKPINK by HYBE.


The girl group received mixed opinions because of being compared to BLACKPINK. (Photo:  HYBE Corporation)


People also expect the group’s breakthrough instead of comparing themselves to being a copy of their senior. (Photo:  HYBE Corporation)


Many people  talked about the concept the group pursued. (Photo:  HYBE Corporation)

The comparison of the rookie girl group with BLACKPINK made fans stir. Many people expressed their displeasure and argued fiercely. However, there are also many netizens who expect the NEWJEANS girls to leave a buzz.

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