Here’s the reason why Taylor Swift suddenly disappeared from all social network for long

Do you know why Taylor disappeared from social media for a long time before releasing the album "Reputation"? That question now has an answer.

As one of the most popular artists in the music industry in recent years, it is obvious that any information Taylor Swift releases will become a topic of discussion for all audiences.

In addition to the scandals with Katy Perry, ex-girlfriend Calvin Harris and especially the couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in early 2016, many antis rushed to Taylor’s social networking sites to Drop the snake emo.

For celebrities, it is very normal to receive mixed opinions, the important thing is whether you can keep a  cold  head at that time and avoid reading negative comments. But unfortunately, Taylor is a person who often reads comments left by others and that has a  bad  influence on her during that time.


Too much scandals in the past time has really affected Taylor’s reputation

This was done by one lucky fan who had the honor of attending the Secret Session that Taylor organized for her 500 random fans. The Secret Session is usually held by her before the official release of the new album and is the place where the female singer confides and shares the meaning of each song in the album as well as the side stories that she may not have. never put it in the newspaper.


Back to the story, according to this lucky fan, Taylor shared that the reason why she disappeared from social media for a long time before the release “Reputation”, was not because I wanted to. , which turned out to be because young boyfriend Joe Alwyn manually deleted all social media apps from his girlfriend’s phone:


I don’t want to have to divulge any information from the Secret Session, but there’s one thing Taylor shared that’s stuck in my head, and I can’t believe no one mentioned it after “Reputation” was released. onion. Taylor said that what people say about her on social media has had a big impact on her, and even though she knows it’s not good for her, she still reads what people write about her. . So one day Joe deleted all the social media apps from Taylor’s phone, and she was very upset. But a few days later I feel extremely satisfied because I no longer feel preoccupied with those problems.

Joe Alwyn is famous for being an actor with a private life and a bit older than his age in thinking. He is also not interested in using social networks. It can be seen how Joe has a very “cool” way of protecting his girlfriend with the maxim: “Why use it when it gives me a bad feeling, erase it all for good”. It was this that had a good influence on Taylor and helped her to feel more loved and relieved. As she wrote in the song  “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” on the album: “And my boyfriend: he doesn’t read what you’ve been saying about me lately! “.


Currently, the relationship between Taylor and Joe is getting better and better. However, she is still faithful in not showing her lover in public too much and keeping this relationship as private as possible. Although they have known each other for more than 1 year, the number of times the press took pictures of him and her together was just under… 5 times.


The only public appearance of the couple in front of the press and the public.

No longer passionate about scandalsing and media, no longer the days of wandering together to award ceremonies or simply holding hands on the street like with ex-boyfriends before, Taylor now now chooses to live an idyllic life behind the scenes with her boyfriend. But that is completely in line with this guy’s personality, and it can be seen that it makes the relationship between the couple stronger than ever.


Just because she don’t show your face in the newspaper doesn’t mean she is unhappy!

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