Hours After Gives 8,000,000 Fans Sneak Peak of ‘Usher Concert’

The star of the Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry and his wife, Ayesha Curry, were spotted at an Usher concert in Las Vegas. Ayesha had previously attended ‘The Match,’ in which Curry teamed up with his Warriors teammate Klay Thompson. The two were pitted against Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs and were defeated. Nonetheless, the defeat does not appear to have dampened Curry’s spirits, as he afterwards attended an Usher show at the Vegas Residency in Los Angeles. Ayesha shared an Instagram story in which the couple can be seen having a good time at the concert.

Ayesha and Steph met as adolescents in Charlotte and have been married since 2011. They are fervent fans of one another and are frequently spotted having fun on social media and elsewhere. Despite Curry’s loss at the Wynn Golf Club, the two appeared to be having a good time at the concert a few hours later, according to Ayesha’s Instagram story.

Stephen Curry and wife Ayesha attend an Usher performance hours after losing ‘The Match.’

Even in the summer, Stephen Curry has found plenty to keep him occupied. Curry was the favorite to win the eighth edition of ‘The Match,’ alongside Klay Thompson, against Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce.

The couple, however, were taken aback by the Kansas City Chiefs teammates’ 3 & 2 victory. Ayesha, who has been married to Steph since 2011, is a devoted supporter of her husband and appeared to enjoy herself at the Wynn Golf Club event.

Their group then went to the Usher event at the Las Vegas Residency, where the two appeared to be having a great time. Ayesha shared many Instagram posts during the performance, including one of the couple singing along to a song. The set included a live rendition of the 2010 single “There Goes My Baby,” which both Steph and Ayesha seemed to like.

Stephen Curry is having the time of his life with his wife Ayesha.

Ayesha Curry was chastised in 2017 for faking to remove her engagement band during an appearance on the show “Girl Chat.” According to MARCA, the 4-time NBA champion’s wife also made an infidelity joke.

Several fans reacted to the situation, with some expressing displeasure with Ayesha’s actions. The incident occurs against the backdrop of a loving marriage that has produced three children, ages 10, 7, and 4.

Ayesha and Stephen have been married since 2011 and are frequently seen at public events together. Given that the two still know how to have a good time together, there is little doubt that neither of them will be worried with what others think on social media.